Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now that's good pie!

David had a sweet tooth. He especially loved pies, any flavor it didn't matter. He was saddened when baker's square went out of business, but a new place opened up recently. They had all sorts of wonderful pies. He decided to try one out, it was an absolutely delicious banana cream pie.

As he was eating it, he noticed some writing on the box. It was one of those warnings, like you see on coffee cups where it says "this drink hot, do not spill on yourself or you may get burned". His curiosity sidetracked him from finishing the pie, as he brought the box closer to his eyes to get a better look at the tiny text. It read "By eating this pie, you waive any right to complain or sue. Warning, this pie has side effects, such as joyful bliss, happyness, and within certain people a gender-change. Please enjoy your pie". WTF? Must be one of those comical warnings to make fun of other products that have warning labels. But just then, his stomach felt queasy. He bent over in pain, it felt like his body was changing? "Could that warning have been for real?" he thought. He rushed home, and laid down on the couch until this sickness passed.

Hours later, he awoke, and discovered things were very different. He was a gorgeous babe with a nice rack, but he was still himself. He still craved pies, which as a female only served to give him more curves.

"This is all your stupid fault pie!", she thought to herself.

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