Monday, November 2, 2009

Transferring the curse

I've had sex with 499 guys, and today is the last day of the curse. This guy seems as good as any. I can't wait to have a male body again.

No sense in wasting any time, might as well get to it. As soon as he sees my bustier underneath this barber jacket, he won't be able to resist.

"Huh? What the hell is going on here?"
"Nothing honey, just a little.. extra service for my customer".

"Wow, I've always fantasized about such a thing, but I never thought it would happen for real!"
"Well then I guess today is your lucky day, because I'm going to make it come true!" she said, while thinking (little do you know it's MY lucky day)

(Ugh, thank god this is the last dick I'll ever have to suck for the rest of my life. 499 dicks sucked in one year is enough to make anyone sick of them), she thought to herself

(Yeah that's right, you just keep grinning like the foolish guy you are while I tease you with my tongue, thinking with your dick instead of your head. Better enjoy it while you can, because little do you know your about to be on the other end of this situation soon. Did you honestly think there wouldn't be strings attached to a situation like this?), she pondered.

"MMmm.. thanks for the deposit, shouldn't be long now!", she said
"Huhh? shouldn't be long for what?" he asked.

Just then the man found himself suddenly transported into the woman's body. Because of such an instantaneous switch, he found himself disoriented, and his head bobbed down a bit while he tried to regain his bearings, his lips rubbing down his former cock.
"What the fuck just happened?!!" he asked.
"It's your turn to enjoy the curse now!" she replied. "Let me explain, but first let me help you up off the floor and get you redressed".

(She had explained that she used to be a man, and that someone else had thrusted this curse apon him, and he had to transfer the curse before he was stuck like this for the rest of his life. It was now his job to suck 500 cocks within the next year, saving the last cumshot for the guy he wanted to trade places with. It was crucial that not only did he swallow all the cum, but that he make sure the 500th dick was as close to the anniversary as possible, which would make the body swap much easier and painless)

"My god, I still can't believe what I'm looking at in the mirror, I mean just a moment ago this body was sucking on my dick, and now I'm inside this body. I'm not sure I can get used to this, this is so surreal! Like I'm touching this hair, and I can feel it as my own".

"And my ears are pierced too, that feels weird, and this makeup, and these long red nails, I feel so gorgeous, and yet so horny. OMG, I want a cock in my mouth so badly, do you think you could go again there stud?"

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