Thursday, January 21, 2010

better makeup

So I don't dress up as often as I'd like. I sort of would like to spend more time doing it because I feel like my makeup skills lack (even though I don't do too badly). I came across this article today, and I was blown away by the softness of the faces. Now I know a beautiful face as a pallet to start with doesn't hurt, but I truly believe makeup can works wonders. Apparently (and shouldn't surprise me), when you use high quality makeup, you get a celebrity looking face (almost photoshopped looking). I'm talking (because I looked it up), $20 for an ounce of foundation. Granted you don't use that much, that seems high. I might actually try some of it out, because although walgreens makeup isn't bad, it'd be interesting what could be done with some really good stuff (particularly the under-eye concealer)

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