Wednesday, January 27, 2010

forced femminization while frozen part 2

So there's this Disney movie called "clockstoppers" that came out in 2002:

The premise is that this kid gets hold of a watch that his dad (who's some scientist) invented that stops time. Well, in reality, it slows time down so much around you that it appears to stop time, and you end up looking like a blur, or even invisible because your moving so fast in comparison to everyone else. When I first saw it, immediately I imagined the possibilities. Rob a bank without getting caught (very much like the movie JUMPER). They show the kids using it to get revenge on the parking meter lady by placing a dog that's peeing on a tree inside her vehicle. Of course what runs through my mind, but to use it to embarrass people. More specifically, to crossdress people in the blink of an eye.

Imagine some dude walking down the street, and one second he's wearing a wife beater, then next second he's dressed to the hilt in an evening gown, makeup, jewelry, heels. And of course at that moment he's freaking out because his whole body is thrown off.

Then I thought.. How many of us are too busy for crossdressing, and we just don't have the time to spend all that time getting ready. It's one thing to pay $100/hour for some transgendered boutique to give you a makeover, but imagine if you could be transformed within seconds? Oh the magic of movies.

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