Friday, January 29, 2010

forced femminization while frozen part 3

So there's this movie (which most have seen, but some have not). It's called "what lies beneath", and I don't really remember the plotline other than some teacher cheats on his wife with one of his students, and he decides to kill his wife while making it look like a suicide by giving her muscle relaxers, and setting her in a running tub so she drowns.

I had always thought how weird, yet cool it would be to be paralyzed like this (temporary of course), and have shit done to me.. sort of like being tied up, but without any escape (and freedom to move your body by someone else). Of course the idea of being unable to move and being forced feminized came to mind. I've actually looked it up, and there are many drugs that can cause this to happen, but then as soon as I read "must be taken in the right dosage, otherwise you could relax the diaphragm (thing that allows you to breathe), in which case you'd stop breathing and die since the drug doesn't wear off for at least an hour. Of course I've also seen hypnotism where a subject is frozen in place unable to move as well

A. I've never been able to be hypnotized
B. hypnotism works on the premise that it's only taking your inhibitions away, and your subconsciously allowing yourself to do things, but that can be broken if you start to disagree with these actions.

I like the idea of no return, giving control up and being dominated because you simply can't move your body.

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