Monday, September 13, 2010

another keyword (and fetish?) public peeing

If you were a guy, used to being able to pee in public (within reason), and suddenly you had a clit and were assumed you would sit to pee, would you not conform and still try to pee standing up?

"Hey, don't judge us! You just did the same thing like 2 blocks back!"

"I've hit rock bottom, I'm homeless ever since I turned into a woman, and now I'm urinating in public"

"I thought that couple would never leave, phew.. I can finally empty this tiny bladder!"

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  1. I've been on a bit of a X-dressing bender lately, but Tuesday night I went to bed in a pair of boxers. Well I woke up after a couple hours with an over-whelming desire to dress. I didn't fight it, but pulled on some fuchsia pantyhose, a polka dotted bra, a black n pink flowered satin nightie and my highest 5.5 inch sandals. I fell back in bed content and passed out a couple hours.

    About 3 AM I woke up needing to pee, but for some reason sitting on the toilet wasn't femme enough. I walked out the back sliding door, clipped across the deck, down onto the lawn. I didn't go too far as my heels were digging into the soft earth. I pushed the panties and hose down my thighs, held my nightie in a wad at my stomach then squatted down and let go my stream.

    I felt absolutely womanly, but why the fuck did I do that? Absolutely bizarre and inexplicable.