Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tied up at the moment

So lately I've been looking for the next kink. lately I've been looking at bondage (BDSM) stuff. There's at least a couple things that this sexual fantasy apply to a transgender.
1. Being controlled. The idea of being submissive to someone only enhances the fantasy of being a girl.

2. "It wasn't my fault, I had to suck his dick. He had me tied up and forced me to do it". There's sort of a hidden acceptance in the idea that your doing an act your not proud of "against your will", and makes it ok.

Then I run into videos like this one:

Acting is one thing, but clearly this girl has gone past her limit of pain tolerance because those screams are real. Doesn't help much that the guy is pretty creepy wearing a camo jacket, as if he's ready to kill a deer next. It's situations like this that really turn me off from even experimenting with something like this. Granted I don't have tits to hang from, there are other body parts that stick out (OUCH!)

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