Thursday, September 16, 2010

what is the most common sexual fantasy for crossdressers?

It's well known that the most popular fantasy for a typical heterosexual male is a threesome with 2 girls

If that's true, then most likely the opposite is true for a crossdresser. I myself often fantasize that rather than my wife bringing home another girl, that she turns me into a girl and brings home a guy. And of course to top that dessert with a cherry, she also helps me along to show me the ropes.

"Ok honey, so you take the cock in your hand like this, and slowly stroke it a little first. When he gets hard, then you can start sucking him"
"Sucking him? woah, that thing is so big!"

"See how good that hard cock feels?"
"Oh my god, this feels so odd holding onto a cock that isn't mine!"

"Now that's he's hard, take his cock into your mouth and start bobbing up and down"

"Mmmph! Oh shit! the magic wore off, I turned back into a guy! This is sooo awkward"


  1. I love threesome fantasies, too. Men in my fantasies are always persona non grata. They're faceless, voiceless walking sex toys. Another woman, on the other hand, validates my own femininity with coaching and reinforcement.

  2. "The magic wore off." Happens every time I look in the damn mirror!

    Yes, it's a complex fantasy, but isn't that what makes 'em great? Complex is never difficult when it's all make-believe.

    By the way, I don't know if you saw my comment on your earlier post.

  3. P.S. Look for your fourth picture to make an appearance on my blog in the near future!

  4. There are so many to choose from! My favorite fantasies involve romance - getting all dressed up and having a charming gentleman treat me to the kind of romantic evening every woman dreams of, maybe in some exotic location. And then we head back to a private spot for hours of the kind of kinky sex that every guy dreams about.

    Of course there are the fantasies about having 2 or 3 guys at once. Or another gorgeous woman and a box of toys. Or...