Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fantasies going the extra mile

Been extending my fantasies lately. Let's face it, the fantasy of getting transformed into a sexy girl and then blowing a guy can get a little old. What if it didn't end there? What if the guy you just had sex with was also the one who transformed you, and he didn't want it to end there? What if after he climaxed, he decided he was done, but not done with you being a woman?

"Ahh.. You were great babe, thanks!"
"What? Don't I get to cum?"
"Umm, actually no. I'll tell you what you can do is clean"
"Scuse me?"
"That's right, clean up my apartment, and do a good job"
"What?! No way, I'm not cleaning, I didn't even get an orgasm"
"Ok, then have fun being a girl the rest of your life, bye"
"What? Wait! You wouldn't dare not change me back!"
"Oh wouldn't I? Tell you what, I'm gonna go out for a few hours. Do a good job of cleaning the place up, and have a descent dinner ready for me when I get back, and then I'll change you back"
"Yes sir"

"This is fucking bullshit, this guy has practically made me his slave. First he gets a free blowjob, and now I'm his maid? what an ASSHOLE this guy is. I should have never agreed to a transformation, I knew I'd end up getting screwed.. no pun intended"

"Let's see, according to this recipe, I need 2 lbs of peppers.. Or is that ounces? Oh hell, how am I supposed to prepare a home cooked meal, I don't even cook for myself. I'd cheat and just order a meal, but he took my wallet with him".

He did a decent job cleaning, but the dinner was a complete failure. He was told he'd be stuck as a woman until he fulfilled his promise. All he could do is sit on the kitchen floor and cry.

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