Tuesday, December 28, 2010

american picky body swappers

Danielle keeps bugging me about going on a pick. What she doesn't understand is that I need her at the office, making contacts, calling clients, sending us jobs. We can't spare her.

Mike has been promising me for 10 years now that he would take me along on one of his trips, and it still hasn't happened yet. This is bullshit!

Ooh! I just got an idea. One of the antiques Mike found has magical powers, I believe it will actually swap bodies.

Let's see how he likes being the girl in the office while I go on the pick in HIS body!

Alright Mike.. I mean Danielle, email me a map of the next job on my blackberry
*pout* Yea whatever, I can't believe you stole my body!

So Danielle, you ready to go picking?
Frank.. I've never been more ready in my life!

Look Mike, I know it's been weeks now, but Danielle doesn't want to come back home, she's having too much fun

FRANK! You tell her to come home with my body, I've had just about enough of this!

HA HA! he's had enough of this? He hasn't hardly had a taste of what I've had to deal with the last 10 years!

Do you realize what it's like to be a man all your life and then suddenly have to be a girl? I mean just dealing with this long hair alone is enough to drive me crazy!

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