Tuesday, December 7, 2010

coworker jealousy

So I haven't crossdressed in a long time, could be months (been so busy in life, busy at work). There's a co-worker that is very petite, and always dresses so well (blonde hair, which changes frequently too). The other day I had to ask her some questions about a project I was working on, and the first thing I notice is her hair and business outfit, then she walks over to a bookshelf to grab a giant binder, and I couldn't help but notice her shoes.. Fucking animal print 5" heels!

Most guys immediate thought would be "Oh I would love to get in bed with you". Mine of course was "Oh if only I could borrow your cute little body for a day and just try on outfits".

Been losing weight lately (on a new sorta diet), and have lost another 8 pounds, so I finally found some time today to crossdress (weight loss is finally really starting to show in my gut), and I must say I feel pretty good.

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  1. Would love to be able to swap bodies with some of the women I know for a day just to see what life was like from their perspective. Single, married, with children and without, working or houswife. It would be really fascinating.