Monday, December 27, 2010

life of a crossdresser

So today I have the day off, wife is at a long day of work. I have stuff I could do, but now that christmas is over there's nothing pressing that NEEDS to get done cept maybe a little laundry. I had a feeling crossdress overtones would take over my day. I haven't dressed in a while, much less have I dressed up to the nines. Rather than kill my day dressed up all day, I thought I would do it in steps. First do a little body maintenance. Just a little trimming down there, shower, wash/condition my hair. A little trimming turned into trimming everywhere, which led to bringing my razor in with me into the shower. Now it seems like everytime I try shaving, I almost always end up cutting myself (a couple times REALLY badly, usually on the back of my legs where it's hard to reach). I always use the vibrating shaver on my face, but not sure about my body, so I decided to try it.

Started out just shaving my chest, after all what dress looks good with chest hairs sticking out? Oh look at that, my nipples finally look good.. feminine. Why stop here I ask myself? Because my wife doesn't like when I shave my body, that's why. But I haven't shaved in SUCH a long time, how mad can she be? Ok fine, just shave my stomach. Oh but why stop there? Keep going baby, shave your thighs. Shave shave shave.. Well I certainly can't stop there, I might as well shave both my legs.

But of course what does every woman and crossdresser (particularly the latter) face? That's right, that imaginary stopwatch. How quickly can I get this done and not cut myself and not run out of hot water? Oh you 40 gallon hot water tank, why can't you be bigger or quicker to heat water?

By the time I got about 80% done, I could feel the water start to cool off.
"Crap! I'm not done shaving, nor have I rinsed my hair or conditioned it yet!"

Needless to say, I managed to finish shaving myself in cold water, and not a SINGLE nick on any body part, and I think the cold water helped my hair snap a bit.

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  1. I am totally shaved too from the eyebrows to my toes. Moisturize every other day for soft touchable skin. Luv it!