Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chat with a side of female persona

Back in the days of dialup (talking 1996), I was big into IRC chat. I would either be in the #crossdress chatroom talking to others, figuring out what this whole thing meant (since at the time there was so much not known about it, plus it was much more taboo then).

I would also find myself popping into a channel called #tv_sex. This was mostly guys who wanted to chat with a real transvestite/crossdresser, but sometimes you'd get other autogynapheliacs who were fans of fictionmania, and would roleplay. 9 times out of 10, you'd end up doing all writing (typing), and they'd just sit there and nod, watching this story play out in realtime, and once they came, you'd know it (user has logged off). Once in a great while, you'd get someone to participate in the story, and sometimes (in a seperate window, so as to not ruin the dialogue), thank you.. or make suggestions, which always made it more enjoyable. Those types of people would usually at least thank you before logging off (seeing how you just gave them virtual cybersex for free, you'd think that'd be the least they could do).

fast forward about 7-8 years, the internet becomes high speed. Doing videochat becomes the norm (sort of). Prior to skype, the best videochat you could have (at least on a group basis) was Cuseeme (see-you-see-me). This got dropped from windows with XP (though it IS still hidden somewhere I believe). Then I came across this new program (which was $40, or free if you didn't mind getting kicked out after 10 minutes). It was called camfrog, and it would support a dozen video windows with amazing clarity / framerate.

I remember one time getting bold and actually dressing up on camera, just to see what the reaction would be. Since the female to male ratio was really skewed (as it is on most of the internet), I of course got a ton of "private chat" windows popping up as soon as I logged in. I seemed to pass at first, and then I finally got one guy that questioned my gender. I just sort of ignored him and let my 10 minutes run out, but it was interesting to play a female role and have people believe it.

Of course today we have chatroulette, but my fear is always that it becomes public (since screengrabbing is no secret).. Something like this:

Perhaps if I do a good enough job of masking my facial features, and keep my lighting dim enough, I'd be willing to try it out sometime.

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