Monday, February 14, 2011

transgender in a pill?

Came across this article today:

Basically it states that we aren't necessarily decided which gender we are at birth. They have done testing on rats where they discovered there are two switches (they compliment each other), but if these two are flipped, it would basically flip your gender. In fact, they say these switches are in constant battle to stay flipped the way they are.

If they could replicate this in humans, it would mean we could effectively get a shot, and our own bodies would provide all the hormones we would need to transition

What they don't really go into detail about is:
A. How long did it take for testicles to turn into ovaries
B. Were they functional genitals, or merely cosmetic? It did talk about the testis stopping production of sperm and producing eggs, however it didn't really say if those eggs were fertile. Of course, some transgender I wouldn't think sterility would be a problem.
C. Would you maintain feelings in your genitals? I mean what good is a pussy if you can't feel anything? Of course doing this naturally would probably surpass most surgeries.

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