Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the great shift, cheerleader edition

Hmm.. a football game is probably not the best place to be during a great shift. Son of a bitch, I'm a cheerleader!

Ok, I'll just get a nice tight shot on these cheerleaders coming out and...
What the hell? I am a cheerleader now! Dammit, why do these great shifts always come without warning?!

Dammit, I barely got a sip of my $9 beer. Now I gotta spend the rest of the game doing stupid cheers!

Ok, so seriously, when's the next great shift wave supposed to happen? Two months?!! I have to stay in this body for 2 months!!

"And on the next play I'm gonna slam into the quarterback like this", said the football player just as the wave passed by.
"Woah, what just happened? Am I a fucking cheerleader?! holy shit!"

1 comment:

  1. cheerleader edition is the only edition that i will settle for

    -Dream Dream Dream