Tuesday, August 28, 2012

masterbation cycle

Been doing some thinking.. Masterbation.. what is it good for? absolutely nothing.. sing it again

well actually, I'm wondering if there isn't some deeper satisfaction than simply clearing the pipes as it were, especially if your someone geared towards Autogynephilia. I believe masterbating has 4 motivators in this case:

1. You simply like stroking cock. That's right, if you weren't stroking your own cock, you wouldn't mind stroking someone else's cock. I myself have had thoughts like this.. Hey look, I have one of those down there, can't ask for anything more convenient, think I'll stroke it for a while

2. You like the money shot. Growing up (and watching porn at too young of an age and probably warping my mind in the process), it's my belief that I actually enjoy watching the orgasm (in my case, male or female). Female for the sound a woman makes, male for the visual fireworks.

3. If your imagining yourself as a woman, often the fantasy needs to go further (often when the new factor of your fetish wears off).. and your imagining yourself as a woman having sex.. which means stroking cocks. What better way to fulfill that fantasy than imaging yourself giving a handjob right now.

4. Purge - that's right.. if your not horny, the thoughts of transgender Autogynephilia seem to just fade away. It's not unlike purging an entire female wardrobe in hopes that if you get rid of the enabling factor, the feelings will go away too. This is of course only temporary.

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