Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tg tales - oh how I love thee

I'm sure everyone has been to this youtube channel

What I didn't know is that there's an alternate tgtalestoo which seems to be a channel of nothing but bookmarks to other good TG videos on youtube:

I came across this video...

Words do not describe how good this is! If you could take a fictionmania story, and directly transfer a story to video, this would be the epitimy of a perfect example. In fact, if a certain TG video site (I won't mention names because google logs this in it's search) did more videos like this, I would HAPPILY toss $15 to watch it. I want to kiss the director of this teen show, and beg that person to make more videos like this!

So what makes it so good?

1. Believability. From the boy making a very passable girl (both in looks and acting). He's a young teenager, so the testosterone hasn't really kicked in yet. Also so many of these silly magic transformations are horribly acted. Goes something like "OMG! What happened to me?! This is not happening!" You really believe that he's been transformed into a girl, with real feelings, and body changes (not a guy in drag pretending to be a girl who's actually a girl).
2. Fantastic morph animation. I mean seriously, not since the "black or white" morphing video by Michael Jackson have I seen a transformation done so well. We're talking morph, plus magic effect, plus a little bit of clothing and hair whisping from wind.
3. It follows the golden TG rule of (everyone around me is adjusted to always knowing me as a girl, but not the two magicians). This is an element that makes any story one level better. The idea that someone knows your secret, and they can hold it over your head, and tease you.. meanwhile, the rest of the world is normal, and you have to comply to acting like a normal girl. His sister and mom treating him like a girl, and complimenting him on his looks.
4. The reactions of the female schoolmates. Not only addressing him as the girl he is, but putting him down like most girls get put down by the click groups, letting him know exactly how the other gender feels.
5. Chased by a male - This scenario just wouldn't be complete if he didn't have a boyfriend in his new life, chasing him around, driving him crazy, making him feel uncomfortable.
6. Filling role (no longer on football team, now on girl's field hockey team). This seems a little less cliche, but I do admit it would have been a little more enjoyable if he were suddenly on the football cheer leading squad, and got his ass slapped.. Had to deal with holding up girls in the pyramid.
7. female to male transformation - this is often left out, and it's sweet revenge when the girl that transformed the boy into a girl, gets to know what it feels like too when she is transformed into a boy at the same time.

Here's more info about this canadian show:

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