Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served pink

This is an interesting revenge video. Teen hacks into his brother's facebook account (apparently this is a thing, the coined term is called FRAPE = facebook + rape). So rather than getting into an online fight, he decides to get revenge in real life... And completely redecorate his brother's room into a girl's room. And we're not talking just painting some walls and putting up some posters, we're talking about REAL detail.. Like condoms/birth control/vibrator hidden in a basket, makeup, nail polish, headband, jewelery, flowers pasted to the wall, pink rollerblades, chandelier to replace his light, pink drapes... And even though they don't show it, it seems as though they also photoshopped him as a girl and put his photo in a frame to make it even more convincing. The only way for this to be more enjoyable is if this were at a college dorm, and they went so far as to replace all his clothing with dresses, and all his shoes with high heels.

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