Tuesday, August 14, 2012

three stooges movie

So I finally decided to watch this. I will say, will sasso did a hell of a performance. The other two, just ok (perhaps it's because they aren't known)? Anyway, the movie is as silly as the original series, perhaps sillier. One good thing about it, Curly does the drag thing when he has to play a nurse. I must say, he's not a bad lookin woman.

Here he is, just changed into clothes they stole from some nurses. His lashes come from larry's eyebrows

He has to find out what room this person is in, so of course he walks up to the nurse's station and asks some guy, who thinks he's really a woman and starts coming onto him

He responds with "why wait? how about a pop right now?" as he smacks him

Then he responds to the question from Moe (quite funny). He also does a very feminine lip bite.

Here he is changing diapers. This leads to a baby squirt fight. Also I noticed will has a very red chest. I don't know if he's naturally that red (and they forgot to do makeup on his chest), or if they just did a fresh waxing and the skin was still sore?

And bonus.. one of the nuns is kate upton.. In this scene, she's of course showing off her boobs

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