Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Autogynephilia, oh the irony

It's interesting paradox being an Autogynephliac. All the things that are femme look good, interesting, perhaps even arousing, but actually wearing those things are a whole different story. I remember growing up, anyone with sexy lips, especially shiny ones, looked so great.

The thought of that lipstick or lip gloss getting rubbed off, or even worse drinking out of a glass with lipstick left behind on the rim nearly sickened me.

Even today, if I'm wearing lipstick myself, the idea of getting it on my food, or on my cup is sort of a turn-off, yet how else are you supposed to achieve that look?

And then let's talk about heels. They look good all by themself

Look even better on your feet

Sometimes they can even feel good (something about standing on tippy toes feels so femminine in of itself), yet there's no doubt that they can be painful and not very practical.

I believe this is the very epitamy of what makes us an Autogynephiliac. The idea that we only need femme things when we need arousal, or perhaps just have a desire to feel femininity. Then when the mood has passed, we want to strip ourselves of these restricting things, slide into a t-shirt and jeans and continue with our manly lives.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I get the chance to wear femme things, I feel great while wearing them but as soon as my arousal has "passed," I feel weird and immediately take them off.