Sunday, December 20, 2009

last minute christmas shopping

A group of fathers rushed into the store the second it opened, all heading for the toy section.
"We need bratz dolls for our daughters! where are they?!" they shouted.

One of the female workers just shook her head. "Why are men always waiting till the last minute for the women in their lives? Do they not realize how that makes us feel?" she thought to herself. She had an idea, she would use her witchcraft to teach these men a lesson.

"Hey guys! Your looking for dolls?" she shouted at the crowd.
"Yes, where are they?", they responded

"Come over here and I'll show you", she responded.

As the men came closer, she waved her hands in the air and chanted something. All the men were transformed into dolls, pussycat dolls to be exact.

"Wha.. what the fuck? Why are we all scantily dressed women?" one man asked.

"You said you were lookin for dolls, so I turned you all into them, pussycat dolls. Thank you, come again!"

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