Friday, July 16, 2010

cheating husband

He thinks he can just cheat on me and get away with it eh? I'll show him! I'll make it so he can never cheat again! Let's see, where's that website. Ah yes,, a friend of mine told me about it. Says it can change your man into a woman with just a few clicks. Let's see, curly brunette hair, pouty lips, smooth white skin, and most importantly.. petite. Press this button if your sure, you bet I am!

She invited some of her friends over for some girl time.
Psst! do you realize who that is? It's steve!
Hey! that's Steve, pass it on
That woman there is steve
Can you believe that's steve sitting over there!

Could you ladies maybe stop staring at me. And the name is Stephanie, at least that's what my wife has been calling me since the.. change.

1 comment:

  1. Steve's, er I mean Stephie's Wife:

    "Don't you DARE tell these WOMEN what to do, YOUNG LADY! If They want to stare or laugh at you that's Their privilege. Now you get your lazy and dainty bottom off the couch and go fix all of us drinks and snacks, just as YOUR TYPE was made to do... "