Thursday, July 8, 2010


Normally I don't care for masking. It all looks fake, can't really wear it (in a serious manner) out in public (unless you want a lot of attention). I'm talking about stuff like this:

There are some semi-decent masks from Japan that I've seen (actually quite realistic):

However, there's still a gap between the eye holes and the actual eyes, the mouth is closed up (how do you eat? breathe?). Also those masks look very rigid, and it ties in the back (good luck covering that up), not to mention they cost $1,200 if you do the Yen to dollar conversion!

Now I've also seen this:

Which honestly isn't terrible if you can get past the giant lips, but still looks fake.

Then I saw this:

Granted it's not a female mask, but just watch the video. I have never seen anything so realistic in all my life, and the fact that it can pop on and off in seconds is amazing. If you go to their website, most of their masks seem to be around $700:

And if you watch this video, you can see how much it really stretches to fit taughtly to your own head structure without breaking:

here's an old lady mask they sell. Also very realistic, just sorta wishing they'd consider doing a young female mask

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