Thursday, July 29, 2010

pigged out

So last weekend we ate out.. A LOT! I knew we were going to, and to offset the weight gain I actually worked out. All in all, I gained probably 5 pounds (could have been worse), but miracously I lost all of that within like 2 days (getting back to normal eating).

Been trying to eat fruit more. Been loving bananas and grapes (fairly portable).

I've also cut back on my sugar in my coffee, I'm finding that if I overdo it that it actually tastes bad (like burnt carmel).

Something odd happened last night, and it may repeat tonight. I cross dressed (curled my hair, did a little makeup, tossed on a dress), didn't masturbate.. did dishes, laundry, and oddly enough.. I didn't eat. Like, I should be eating dinner, but didn't. I don't know if it's because the crossdressing relaxed me, or if it was an escape from my stressful male life, if in the back of my head looking good was more important than satisfying my stomach or what, but I just didn't really care about eating. When my wife came home several hours later, and she asked if I ate, and I said no, and she was like "NooOOO??" like she couldn't believe I waited. Makes me wonder how far I could take that.


  1. 我對自己的信心已超越別人對我的評價................................................

  2. I have been like that when I am dressed as a woman, wish I could dressed more as a woman right now. Only been having one day off and I really miss dressing as a woman.