Monday, July 26, 2010

high heels permanently alter calf muscles

I've heard of foot binding in china.. where they force women to wear VERY uncomfortable shoes where the toes essentially fold under the foot, making them even daintier

Then found this interesting article today. Wearing 2" or higher heels daily for 2 years or more actually shortens the fibers in your calf muscles by 13 percent. In effect, it makes it MORE uncomfortable to wear flats or flip-flops:

Now I've heard the stories how heels are bad for your feet, such as this chart:

Then it got me thinking. I've sometimes read transgender stories where the girl and guy get 3 wishes to perform on their partner. Usually the girl wishes for nice things about her partner, while the guy wishes for things like bigger boobs, a tighter body, and sometimes permanently modified legs where she's forced to wear high heels.

It's odd to think that could actually be true. Through surgery, or forcing someone to wear heels for 2 years could actually make this change permanent. Imagine a guy that HAS to wear heels in order to be comfortable?

Would he JUST wear the heels with his regular clothes?

Or would he think about transitioning at the workplace just to be normal (if he had minor inclinations to do so, such as a part-time crossdresser)?

Perhaps it would spur a new fashion for men, high heeled mens shoes?

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