Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with transgender or fiction, and I try to avoid porn when possible (but sometimes necessary). I saw this whilst browsing around, and at first I went "wah? how stupid, what's the point? It's essentially a human sized vacuum sealer (like you'd use on food):

Then as the video progressed, I thought "ah, I suppose it would be interesting to at least see someone vacuum sealed and see the outlines of their body, sort of a skin tight latex outfit, only it's a bed. Then I kept watching, and I realized it's purpose. It's like the ultimate bondage sex toy. Forget handcuffs, forget ropes, this thing immobilizes your partner in less than a minute.

Then I looked at their website:

Granted it's expensive and I'd probably never buy it (I'd build one before I paid that kind of money), but it's interesting that they allow holes and tubes for body parts to go in. Now this sorta kinda does relate to transgender. I mean the fantasy of being a woman is being sub-serviant, to be controlled (at least in most fantasies I read), and the idea of being teased out of your control seems kinky and exciting to me. Then I thought.. Maybe you could tuck your penis, add some fake boobs, and then seal yourself, and it would look like your a woman sealed up.. just a thought.

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