Monday, December 28, 2009


I've been wanting to do this for a while, show a before/after of a guy transforming. Leave me feedback of what you think of it.

I opened up the book of spells, and read it out loud. This spell was supposed to get me laid.
"Barah garah oodlie baq, soolie soolie trebechie dot!"

I felt something funny, it felt like my body was transforming. It also seemed like my clothes were changing? I guess not only was it changing my body to look more attractive to the ladies, but I was getting a new wardrobe. I looked down, and saw my legs reshape, and my shoes change shape

But wait a minute, this wasn't going right.. Why am I wearing heels and fishnet hose? Oh shit, did I screw up that spell?

I could feel my hands changing next, my nails were growing longer..

Is that a french manicure? I definitely read something wrong.

Something is happening to my chest now, it seems to be getting even bigger..
Holy crap, I have breasts! OMG, what is happening to me?!!

My lips feel funny, like they're blowing up like balloons!

Woah, my lips are so huge now!

I can feel my eyes reshaping, and my eyebrows receding, and are my eyelashes curling?

Before I knew it, I was a drop dead gorgeous french maid.

Holy shit, what am I going to do now?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stupid genie!!

Jesus, what is wrong with you genies? Either your retarded or deaf, I said I wanted to be witty, not pretty! This had not better count against one of my wishes because I only have one left, and I'm not about to use it to change back into a guy.

The bra curse

Oh shit! what happened to me? I've worn my sisters bras many times, it never changed me into a girl. Oh crap, how am I going to hide this?

That aint no wife beater

What the? This doesn't look like my regular undershirt, and.. OMG, are those breasts? Holy shit, what did she do to me?!!

decent proposal

So let me get this straight. I have sex with you, and you change me back into a man, and I get $10 grand for my time? Sounds reasonable to me.

autogynephilia confession time

Seems like so far blogs and youtube videos (so it seems) tries to explain what they think this phenomenon is. I thought perhaps a better thing to do is express my feelings of how I feel, and see if anyone else feels the same way. I think the best way to do it is give myself a Q&A:

Q: If someone could wave a magic wand and turn you into a beautiful woman, would you?
A: Surprisingly, yes.. Yes, it would just make things easier for me. I could be a fully hetero woman, and if I decide to experiment with lesbianism, I wouldn't be judged for it

Q: So if that's the case, why don't you transition?
A: Transitioning means your families and friends have to take that ride with you. It means a lot of work to transform yourself into a woman (both personally, and surgically). It's a LOT of money (Even in thailand it can easily cost $15k, something I don't have, nor do I want to put myself further in debt). Also, I wouldn't feel like a real woman, I would feel like a man that has done as much as he could to imitate a woman.

Q: Isn't the real reason because you enjoy being a man most of the time, you just like playing a girl when you have sex?
A: Again no. There are so many women that can look pretty, but when they need to be put on some overalls and be a Tomboy (and sometimes look even sexier). Fact is, it's easy to just be a guy and hide this persona that I have inside, as painful as it is

Q: So ideally, what you want is for some way to temporary be a woman, have sex, and then change back and go on with your life?
A: There is no ideally. For the most part yes, but there are times when being feminine isn't about sex, it's honestly sometimes nice to feel pretty even when it doesn't involve sex (like as if I have a femme quota sometimes that isn't met).

Q: You speak of this quota, what is that about?
A: It's as if I need a certain amount of femininess in my life, so I have surround myself with it.

Q: Is there perhaps something that occurred at an early age that triggered these feelings?
I think there are two factors. When I was in the 4th grade (9 years old), my older brother (who was only 13), somehow acquired some playboys. I wanted to be cool, so I put a couple in my backpack and brought them to school. I had the idea of showing them to friends, but realized there wasn't a good moment to do so (and I was too shy to do something like that anyway). Somehow my backpack had fallen, and all my folders and papers fell out, along with the playboys. One of the other kids saw it, and tattled (like all kids do at that age), and I was sent to the principals office. When I was 12-13, my brother let me watch a porno with him. I know he was just trying to be a cool older brother, but I think there's a reason why it's "adult entertainment". I don't think a pre-teen needs to see that, as much as one would want to see it. Photos of scantily clad women is one thing, seeing them naked, in motion, performing on a guy is something totally different. I feel as though at a young impressionable age, that I came to the conclusion that the female was the dominant, controlling partner. She had all the control of the guy's pleasure, and she could tease and stop, and make him do just about anything she wanted as a result. It was as if I wanted that control.

Q: So you think this had affect on how your brain developed then?
A: Absolutely, it's no different than a kid seeing his parents die and then be fearful of going outside. It's no different than a kid watching someone get raped, and then become a rapist later on in life. I feel as if I wanted to become that porno actress and have that control, but only sexually.

Q: You talk about control, is this in any other aspect of your life?
A: Actually yes now that I think about it. The job I work, I make a lot of my own decisions, and I like it that way. I have a thing for puppets (they make me giggle, I even like playing with them). There's something about making an in-animate object become real, and make him do whatever I want. I also became obsessed for a while with hypno-sex, where a female subject gets hypnotized into doing sexual things (including having uncontrollable orgasms). Because it started to look fake, I lost interest.

Q: So if you like control so much, why do you feel like your not so dominate in bed?
A: Because I'd be playing the dominate MALE role, which I don't really care for.

Q: Is cross-dressing a way for you to become a full size puppet then?
A: Honestly, and embarrassingly, sometimes. The idea that I'm someone else, a different persona, that I can move around and pretend to be this girl that didn't exist before, is sort of fun (and a turn-on).

Q: Do you think that will ever be possible, through technology, that you can achieve this "temporary girl" lifestyle?
A: I read up on a lot of scientific articles. I've read everything from OBE (out of body experience), to trans humanism (the idea that one day we will achieve nearly limitless life by transferring our minds into a new body). It's said that in 20-25 years we will have computers that will run hundreds of times faster than the human brain, in essence capable of mapping a computer brain and making a copy. There's also the more near future where virtual reality makes a comeback. You look at the graphics if game systems, and all the interactivity of the controllers at a reasonable price (wii, the new sony motion controller). All you would need is a few controllers strapped to a suit, and a nice LCD head display, and you could immerse yourself in a virtual world. And of course, in a virtual world you can be anyone, even a woman.

I would love to hear other's opinions on this subject. I think by expressing our own lives, we can find a common reason why this exists.

Friday, December 25, 2009

all I wanted for christmas was..

A gender changer, santa never reads the letters I write him

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Her boys were begging for a laptop. She was struggling to provide for the family as it was, so christmas was going to be tough this year. She stumbled upon an interesting little shop that was called SRU. She happened to see a small laptop sitting on the counter, so she inquired how much it was.

"How much is that computer?"

"Umm, for you? $10"

"Really? wait a minute, what's wrong with it that your selling it so cheap?"

"Nothing at all, I just know that you can't really afford a laptop, so I'm going to get it go for cheap"

"That seems rude, I might not have the greatest clothes, but I do ok", she retorted.

"Oh no, I don't mean anything by that. I just know that your struggling to find presents for your sons"

"How did you know.. oh nevermind, I'll take it"

"I must warn you though, it does have magical powers"

"Magical? What do you mean?"

"Oh, let's just say that all the things I sell affect people's lives"

"Sure, sure, whatever you say". She wasn't buying into this.

He shrugged his shoulders, and packed it up inside a box and put it in a box. She wrapped it in holiday paper and put it under the tree. When Christmas came, they teared it open, and shouted with glee when they realized it was a computer.

They booted it up, and saw a login screen. There was a checkbox with a user license agreement. As most kids do, they didn't bother reading it and just checked it. Within seconds, all three sons were transformed into girls.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

last minute christmas shopping

A group of fathers rushed into the store the second it opened, all heading for the toy section.
"We need bratz dolls for our daughters! where are they?!" they shouted.

One of the female workers just shook her head. "Why are men always waiting till the last minute for the women in their lives? Do they not realize how that makes us feel?" she thought to herself. She had an idea, she would use her witchcraft to teach these men a lesson.

"Hey guys! Your looking for dolls?" she shouted at the crowd.
"Yes, where are they?", they responded

"Come over here and I'll show you", she responded.

As the men came closer, she waved her hands in the air and chanted something. All the men were transformed into dolls, pussycat dolls to be exact.

"Wha.. what the fuck? Why are we all scantily dressed women?" one man asked.

"You said you were lookin for dolls, so I turned you all into them, pussycat dolls. Thank you, come again!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

an apple a day...

Keeps your penis away "wink"

Looks like I need to buy some more apples

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

you only get three wishes!

For my first wish, I want to be rich!

Your wish is granted, you are armani, the famous suit designer.

No, no! I don't want to be old! Ok fine, whatever, at least I'm rich. For my 2nd wish, I want to be young and good looking.

Your wish is granted, you are a famous male model.

Ok, ok, not bad, I can live with this, though what am I wearing?

Oh that outfit? Well, your gay of course, as most male models are.

What?!! What sort of wishes are these? Ok, that's it, I'm going to make a wish that can't miss. I want to be attractive and desired by the ladies.

Your wish is granted.

What the fuck?!! I'm a sultry sexy woman, I didn't ask for this!
You were not very specific master. You said you wanted to be attractive and desired by the ladies, you did not specify what type of ladies. You'll surely be hit on by all the lesbians in the world!

OMG! This outfit is so tight, and these breasts are so huge, and my hair is sooo blonde and curly, I feel so girly!

I lost it!

Oh crap! What happened to my medallion? How am I going to change back? Oh shit shit shit!

If anyone has seen a round gold thick coin attached to an old leather necklace, please contact me immediately. Be very careful with it, it's very old and fragile. If found, please email me at:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Autogynephilia, oh the irony

It's interesting paradox being an Autogynephliac. All the things that are femme look good, interesting, perhaps even arousing, but actually wearing those things are a whole different story. I remember growing up, anyone with sexy lips, especially shiny ones, looked so great.

The thought of that lipstick or lip gloss getting rubbed off, or even worse drinking out of a glass with lipstick left behind on the rim nearly sickened me.

Even today, if I'm wearing lipstick myself, the idea of getting it on my food, or on my cup is sort of a turn-off, yet how else are you supposed to achieve that look?

And then let's talk about heels. They look good all by themself

Look even better on your feet

Sometimes they can even feel good (something about standing on tippy toes feels so femminine in of itself), yet there's no doubt that they can be painful and not very practical.

I believe this is the very epitamy of what makes us an Autogynephiliac. The idea that we only need femme things when we need arousal, or perhaps just have a desire to feel femininity. Then when the mood has passed, we want to strip ourselves of these restricting things, slide into a t-shirt and jeans and continue with our manly lives.


I know a little late, but this idea came to me..

The two boys had devoured the turkey, and one of them found a wishbone.

"Hey! Let's see who gets the bigger piece of bone!"

And so they both grabbed onto it, and pulled, and Danny got the bigger piece. He made his wish, and suddenly Josh started to transform.

"I can't believe he changed me into a girl. I hope this change is only temporary, but he won't tell me how long I'm stuck like this"