Friday, June 17, 2016

Alex Hayes - australian surfer (boy to girl makeover)

So I was browsing "boyfriend makeover" videos on youtube (which seems to be ramping up more lately), and I came across this one.  As soon as the video starts, my immediate thought it (holy crap, that dude has great eyebrows, a narrow chin, and thick lips, long blonde hair.  The only thing that distinguishes him as a boy at all is his semi-large nose.. This is going to be good.  He actually does make a really beautiful girl.  My only hope is that his girlfriend does a part 2, maybe even include some clothing next time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

richard simmons woman?

So the enquirer is claiming this.  While I completely believed Jenner was before it was revealed, I'm not sure if I buy it... or do I? Richard has always been flamboyant, but he's more of a gay drag queen than someone who's trapped in the wrong body based on photos over the years:

But then you search further and find a photo like this where he's not really "dressed in the female role", but wearing lipstick and a blonde wig again:
Then you search further, and see him dressed up in what looks like might be his home (not out in public for show):
 And then this photo comes up in search, which news reports are claiming is his "fiona" persona.  If that's really him, he's so made up with hair in his face I can't even tell if it's really even him:
If it is, it's no longer "Cosplay", I'd call this either transitioning, or at the very least crossdressing.  If it's true, it's sad that he has to deny the reports and  keep this a secret behind closed doors.  Why does being gay seem to be so acceptable, but transgenderism isn't?

Friday, June 10, 2016

richard branson is a mermaid

First a bride, then an airline attendant, now a mermaid.  He seems to have reasoning for all his actions, but I'm willing to bet he at least crossdresses in private.  I think if I had a billion dollars I wouldn't give a crap what people thought and I'd do all this and more.

put words in trump's mouth

I try to stay away from politic talk, but I absolutely hate trump.  Not only as a presidential candidate, just as a person.  He's always been a cocky asshole, whether it be most of his failed businesses or his stupid reality show.  Well this fun little tool let's you take splices from his speeches and make him say whatever you want:

Perhaps even reveal how he likes to wear women's underwear: