Thursday, September 29, 2016

SAM (2015) movie VS switch (spoiler alert)

 So this movie was posted in the crossdreamer forum a while back.  This is another one of those small independent films, which is why it took over a year for it to finally get released.  I'll preface with the fact that initially IMDB said it would be released on September 20th, and when that day came it showed up on amazon as a DVD but it said mid-october.  Now there is a streaming service called VUDU, and it showed it as pre-order but release date of September 27th.  So being the impatient person I am, I rented it for $4 when it was available for streaming.

Let's compare them in general.  Both feature the shocking reaction when they wake up as a woman, both while taking a leak (though I think SAM was done slightly better, denying a bit longer).
In switch he is reincarnated as a woman after being shot by his 3 girlfriends that he cheated on while SAM is just generally a chauvinistic pig that is cursed by a shop owner.  The shop looks very much like a hobby shop, but I think it was implying the SRU store since it disappears and reappears like you've read on fictionmania so many times.

Both get stopped by the apartment security / doormen

 Both are reluctant to embrace their female bodies at first, but they both succumb to it eventually.  In switch, she asks her girlfriend to help her learn how to dress.  In SAM, she ends up going to a finishing school to learn how to dress and move like a girl

In both movies, she ends up falling in love with her best friend

In general, while SAM felt more like a TV movie in it's production quality, I felt like SAM described the female experience better.  She starts to understand what women are saying (as if it's a completely different language men don't understand), she gains female intuition (and can read everyone in a room with her 27 new senses), and she learns that the female orgasm is very different (and even states that she's frigid at one point when she gets frustrated she can't masterbate to men or women).  She also ends up fighting for a raise for her female co-worker, someone she took for granted as a man.  She also finds that while playing football, she's treated as a second class citizen that can't keep up with the boys.  This movie seems to describe what it would be like to switch genders the best out of any I've seen (assuming they are correct).  While it's a little long at 108 minutes, and perhaps some thing could have been edited out, it was still well done.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Alexander Skarsgard tries out drag (farrah fawcett)

Beyond his story, Conan admits like every comic eventually you end up in drag.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

prince - alter ego "camille" album never released back in 1986

So this is making news today.. it's up for auction:

According to wikipedia, most of the songs were released on the sign of the times album.

Only song that wasn't is "rebirth of the flesh", but you can find it on youtube?


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

first period movie

I probably blogged about this when the trailer first came out

I finally got around the renting it for $2 on youtube.  I gotta say it wasn't half bad.  Campy, very B-movie, but that's no surprise from the trailer.  Jokes were pretty good, the only annoying part ws her catch phrase used OVER and OVER "totally rocking superstar extraordinaire, you're welcome".  The two main "girl" characters are obviously dudes.. The one actor is like 30 playing a 16 year old.  the other actor has done so few films he doesn't even have his bio listed but he looks like he could easily be mid 30's.  The part I liked the most about the film is probably the fact that they imply they are actually women (homely women), but women.. Even though they are clearly played by guys.  As I let my mind wander, I started to change the plot as if these were 2 transgender girls that were passing 100%.  I wonder if they didn't enhance the voices though, they sound too good for non-transitioning guys most of the time.  It almost sounds as if they sped them up a little.  Also there are some scenes (especially at night when they're in the car) where you can tell they did a bad job of foundation, but during the day they did a good job.. they captured the 80's look well.

Interesting fact: The actress that plays the art teacher was also the one that played simone (the waitress in pee-wee's big adventure) from 30 years before.  It must have to do with the fact that cassandra peterson was also in that movie.

three degrees off center - body swap workout

So I've been following this youtube channel ever since the wand of change.. slowly over the years James has been eeking out similar videos, some that are many parts.  This latest is top notch quality, and even has 5 alternate endings.  He's also started a patreon account to help raise funds for these videos.  So far he's only raised about $70/month (I'm chipping in $5).  I think his biggest issue is that when you give away the content for free, there's really no incentive to spend money.  Oh sure, anyone that enjoys content should donate.. Ya know, like when you illegally download a new album, but the guilt forces you to also buy it on amazon.  Unfortunately, most don't, and it's what kills creativity.  People can't live off comments alone.

If you've enjoyed any of his videos, I ask that you too become a patreon supporter.  Here's a link to his latest: