Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 out of 10 guys would do this... if they were a woman

Heard this on my local radio show this morning. They do a thing called "impossible question", and this morning was: 8 out of 10 guys were asked, what would they do if they were a woman? I apologize for the poor audio quality (recorded from car speaker, and the signal isn't the clearest as I drive to work). Here are the answers given:
1. Shopping
2. Have a baby
3. Have guys buy ME drinks
4. get a manicure
5. get a glamour shot
6. get pampered
7. get a facial
8. pose naked

Impossible question by nobodyishereman
And the answer???

*spoiler alert*

Monday, March 28, 2011

cock jealousy

"Oh my god, your cock feels so good in my hands. How I miss having one between my legs"

"Oh I am so jealous. You have no idea what it's like having to piss sitting down. it was so much easier when I had a cock between my legs. Just lift the toilet, and piss away"

"Please, I beg of you sir, can I buy your penis? I'll pay anything!"

lesson taught

"You think your such a stud with that big cock of yours don't you? You think I should suck you off just because I'm a girl. I wonder how you'd feel if the roles were reversed?"

"Holy shit! I thought you were just kidding. I really have to suck my own DICK?!!"

husband wife swap

"No, see honey. This is YOUR mouth, YOUR supposed to suck my dick, not me. What? Your not going to change us back until I've made you cum?"

she put a spell on me


missing penis, aisle 5

"woah, what happened to my cock?"

"Woah! there it is! wait a minute, did we just switch bodies?!!"

genie still has bad hearing

"Mmmpph! Hey you stupid genie! I said I wanted a blowjob, not give a blowjob!"

wine body swap

"Here, why don't you have a sip of my wine?" hee hee

"What the hell just happened? Why am I in your body? God I feel horny all of the sudden"

"Oh my god my nipples are so sensitive, this feels so good to squeeze them!"

"Oh god, this feels even better, I can't keep my hands off your body!"

"Mmmm.. oh my god, I think I'm going to orgasm!"

"Oh god yes! there it is.. ooohhhhhhh!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

instant eye shadow

There's a couple companies selling this (including avon). I had never heard of it, but it looks kinda cool (especially for crossdressers that hate spending a lot of time on makeup).

TG closet storage

At first I thought this was actually rather nice (and a great idea). A TS woman and a CD are running some sort of closet storage on craigslist. Essentially providing a space to store clothes (for husbands that are keeping it a secret? or at least want to keep it seperated from home), also bathrooms / showers:

Then I looked at the pricing...

Seriously? Starting at $75/month for a closet? Do they not realize I can rent a 5 foot x 5 foot storage starting at $40/month? granted there's no bathroom access, and it's not necessarily private, but what do I REALLY need a bathroom/shower for?

Again, it just irks me a little when someone is trying to take advantage of someone's situation, and it irks me even more that these two are clearly in the transgender community.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fantasy of "being stuck"

When I was younger, and more imaginative, I used to fantasize about being stuck. Both "unrealistically", as in most fiction stories. Kid finds machine, plays with machine, machine breaks, he's stuck as girl. Or how many times is that medallion going to get misplaced?

Then I thought "Hey, it doesn't have to just be fantasy, what if you applied it to crossdressing? I started thinking about things like tattooed makeup, superglueing heels and clothing to someone so they couldn't escape without either tearing skin. What if you shaved them and superglued a long blonde wig to their head?

Looking at these shoes today made me reflect on those thoughts:

What if someone crossdressed you, and then placed these locks on your feet (and removed any nearby tools to tear them off). Seriously, how would you hide high heels? Not like you could slip some other shoes over them, your wearing 5" heels for crying loud!

Sure, maybe you could wear some long pants to try to cover them up, but that clickity clack would still make a noise as you walked on a hard surface. And what if that person threw away all your male clothing (particularly at a hotel), and all you had was the dress on your back? Surely, there was no way of getting out of being seen in drag.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

time for a musical interlude

Today's song brought to you by faith no more. They seem like a short lived band from the 90's. they had some good songs, especially this cover of the commodores song "easy like sunday morning". In fact, one of the band members "jim martin" was featured as one of the classical band members of all time in the movie bill and ted's bogus journey. It's already a great classical song in it's own right, but I actually like this cover better than the original.

One more thing about this song, the video features at least one (perhaps 3) crossdressers. I believe some of the women to be GG's, but a great video none-the-less. Of course I was just peaking in puberty, so this video meant a lot to me. Enjoy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

fergie looking hot in dr pepper commercial

I know sex sells, but dam! what's with the commercials lately?

the great shift, reporter edition

"Son of a bitch! what happened to my body?! I was a respectable reporter a second ago, now I'm inside this bimbo's body!"

"I'm here to report that the world has gone crazy. People all over the area are switching bodies with each other. In fact, I was your favorite reporter Ben wilson just a minute ago, and now I'm in this woman's body... and quite frankly, I'm a little bit scared. I'm not sure I can handle being in the wrong.. body"

"Pull yourself together doug.. reporting from downtown LA, Be.. err.. Jen... iffer wilson, back to the studio!"

t-mobile girl

Yea, she's been around for a while. and soon, she may be going away (since AT&T just bought t-mobile for 39 billion buckeroos)

So is the tmobile girl (carly foulkes) actually hot? well, sorta.

I mean her face is very liv tyler like

Her body is smokin, but I think why so many guys (and yes, guys I follow on twitter comment on her) think she's so hot is because she actually wears a dress.. and ONLY pink ones. Again, this is going back to men's core desire to see women dress like women. Just look at this clip of her thanking everyone commenting on her videos. Just look at that rack full of pink dresses, who wouldn't want to walk right off with those for themselves?

Anyway, I believe this is all the commercials she's been in:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

girls! keep your damned hair curly!

I don't know what it is about women lately, but they seem to think the "IN" thing to do is straighten their hair. To me, straight = boring. I don't have curly hair, I feel like curly tends to be more feminine, yet all these women are trying to straighten it. Two perfect examples of this:

This is a funny video about turning yourself from ugly into hot (poking fun at fake women), but look at her hair. It's cute in the beginning, then it turns into flat and straight.

And look at this popular song. She wakes up, cute curly hair.. then she feels the need to straighten it out:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

autogynaphelia is defined as... context

This may be obvious to some (anyone that's read or created "captions"), but I feel the need to re-iterate the point. A photo is just a photo. It is the eye of the beholder that makes it what it is. Take two examples:

Photo 1.. A sexy woman sitting on the floor
Normal heterosexual guy: Ooh she's hot, I would so do her!
AGP: Oh god, I wish I had her body, think I could borrow it for a few hours? I could have so much fun in that body. In fact, look at the way she looks at the camera, as if to say "Holy crap! how did you change me from a guy into this gorgeous woman? Change me back!"

Photo 2:
Normal heterosexual guy: Mmm, I'd like her to suck on my dick for a while, bet she gives good head!
AGP I wish I was her in this situation. In fact I'm imagining they just switched bodies, and he's all disoriented like "what the hell? How did I get on the other end of this cock?", and he's all digusted that he's holding onto his own cock with juices dripping down his chin.

What's my point? AGP's (for the most part from what I can see) fullfill their sexual needs through this fantasy. It is not real life, it is not something they wish to be fulltime. IDEALLY, we want this temporary, but since such magic or technology doesn't exist, this will never be fullfilled.

That may in fact be why some transition, because there is no temporary (make me a slut for 2 hours) option. It's either male with empty fantasies, or attempt to overcome the drawbacks and live as a woman fulltime.

I also think there's something to do with every man realizing that libido drops, and sexual interest drops, and then what are you left with? Some fantasy that does nothing for yourself, which in turn leaves you to exploring separating the sex from the other feelings you have inside. IE: deciding if the feeling of being a woman is what you really desired all along.

shemale chasers, is it a black thing?

Ok, so I've heard eddie murphy liked hiring the pre-op transexual prostitutes.


Apparently LL cool J

is being called out by someone he hired in the past who is writing a book on her life history.


She has also taken a lie detector test and passed, so she's not just making it up for the sake of attention or money. If you look at many of the craigslist ads for crossdressers/transvestites/crossdressers/transexuals, I would say at least half of them are black.

I find it interesting in general how it seems like the transgender community is being sought after more and more (even though it's usually kept secret, unless they are famous). Could it be that men desire transgenders because they get the best of both worlds? They get someone who's pretty, but can still relate to guys because they used to be one. Perhaps what men are really longing for a FEMININE women? Of course feminine is an undefined and "eye of the beholder" definition, but I believe men are tired of the tomboy girls wearing jeans, tshirts, and comfortable shoes. Men are longing for women that wear dresses, heels, skirts, nylons, etc. Of course this works out well for transgender because we long to wear those things, but feel like we stick out and don't blend in because most real women tend to dress comfortable.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Banner ad I'd like to see

You ever see those annoying ads on certain blogs? Or how about when you get ads that are taylored to things you've been shopping for? I don't know how many times I see ads for high heels poking about. What if we got an ad REALLY targeted towards us?

zach galifianakis is annie on SNL

I really admire this guy. he's odd, and has that odd sense of humor in his comedy. But he's also crossdressed at least once before, and although his annie costume looks more like a long red men's shirt with some white fabric quickly added, he was wearing panties (sort of, looked like a pink pair of tighty whities). He also seems to be very pro-marijuana. Not that I condone illegal drug use, but if we're going to legalize alcohol, might as well legalize something less dangerous while we're at it. Anyway, here he is:

here's a link to the video of this opening monologue:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

suddenly femme

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the morning stream

I listen to a few podcasts, and one of them is "the morning stream". Earlier this week, they started getting carried away with a made up scenario:
brian ibbott teased on morning stream by nobodyishereman

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reflection on myself

Been thinking about myself lately... Yes, once in a while I do feel the need to get personal on this blog. On some other autogynaphelia sites (as we like to say, crossdreamers), and I'll quote the best I can remember the quote..
"Crossdreamers are women trapped in a mans body AND mind". In other words:
Sexually: I am a woman. I think like a woman, my sexual fantasies loop around that of a woman, but that's as far as it goes.
Body: I am a man. I like to do man things, I like the convenience of my body, I like my strength, I like that I don't have hangups.
Mind: I do man things. No I don't like sports, but I do like working with my hands, building and fixing computers, fixing things around the house, etc.

With that said, it's clear I have no desire to transition, nor do I show very many female qualities. Ok sometimes I have a desire to sew, and if time permits I like to crossdress, but again those are tied to sexual feelings. take away my penis and I guarantee 90% of those thoughts would go away (I'm sure there would still be some residual feelings). Would I want castration to clear my head? No, think of my head like a macbook. I can run OSX or windows, I'm the best of both worlds.

There is however a very serious impact of this "sexual desire", or as some degrade it as a "fetish". There is:

Shame - (not accepted, especially something like this compared to transgenderism)

Guilt - nothing worse than spending hours on makeup and clothing only to end it in about 30 seconds of poor self-control and pre-ejaculation ruining the party

Marriage - Yes, I said marriage. Am I having marriage issues? No.. not exactly. Me and my wife get along great. Probably the only reason we do is because we are friends first, lovers 2nd. Also because I'm so gender neutral, I do a lot of things a lot of husbands wouldn't do (cooking, cleaning, etc). So yes I am referring to the sex part. Because my mind isn't the norm.. I assume most guys fantasize either about the person they are having sex with, or possibly fantasizing about someone else because they are bored with who they are with (or fantasizing about someone un-obtainable, like a celebrity). I myself, as many others do like myself, fantasize about being a woman. Do I think about how good my dick feels while being stroked? Sure, but sexual gratification and what your mind is busy doing are two separate things.

I've done it for so many years, it really is like breathing, or eating, or shitting. I don't think about it, I don't really analyze it (except for these brief moments, where I find myself pouring it onto a blog in hopes others will find commonality in it). So getting back to not having sex. I will use any excuse in the book to avoid it. I'll say I'm busy, I'll say I have a headache (but it's usually true). It's not that I don't want to have sex. If it happens, great. I'm all about being a participant. What I have a problem with is initiating (which my wife complains about a lot). See, women like being desired, and unfortunately so do autogynapheliacs. To pursue is attached to the male persona, and that sort of ruins the fantasy at the same time.

I should have a talk with my wife right? I should just tell her instead of typing this out at 10pm while she's upstairs sleeping right? If only it were that simple. I've been trying to make sense of this for the last 20 years, and even now it's not completely clear, and there's so little research that I can't even refer to the experts to explain it away. If I were to tell her now, it would also feel like a lie. I can picture the conversation right now "why didn't you tell me all this time that this is how you felt?", to which I wouldn't even know how to respond. Now I told her I crossdress a month into us dating, she knows that part. But this feels like a very different part of me she doesn't understand.

For a while, we actually tried swinging. There are even dating sites where you can find other couples that want to swap partners. We only tried that twice (only one actually turned into a sex, the other couple had a really shy wife that didn't really reciprocate back even though I'm pretty sure she was interested). Then for a while we got into the "Plus size dance" club thing, and me being a shy person I never really hit it off with any girls, but her being the social butterfly she found a few guys to play around with, to which I didn't really mind. Honestly, it took the pressure off. If she was being sexually satisfied, I was actually happy I didn't have to please her.

Then after that died off, we tried the "open marriage" thing where each of us would explore craiglist. I almost tried dating someone much too young for me, but never followed through. She dated a few guys, but that's died off lately. The closest I came to dating someone was another crossdresser, but nothing much came of that (for personal reasons I won't go into).

Anyway, it feels sort of good to get that off my chest.

jennifer aniston

This is one celebrity that's always easy on the eyes, and still looks incredibly youthful for 42.

I just saw a recent viral ad for (smart water), and she does a pretty sexy slo-mo scene: