Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Family guy - trans-fat

When I saw the description for this episode, I was really worried I would be offended (because I really like Seth MacFarland).  As expected, it was like any other episode, Peter plays the idiot that doesn't know better and takes it as far as can (and learns a lesson in the end which is that both women and men treat you differently as the other gender).  My only two negatives about the episode (if you can even take a cartoon seriously) is that Peter accidentally gets a sex-change (which would never happen without not only verbal consent, but every trans person has to live at least 6-12 months as a woman before they can even be considered for a sex change).  Then of course the other thing is that at the end of the episode, he has surgery to reverse it.  Now obviously there are female to male sex changes, but it wouldn't be the same as before.  Females that become males have the genitalia, but they wouldn't have the ejaculation (plus I believe erections are manual through bladders).  Anyway, this is the best clip I could find of the episode though I'd recommend watching it in it's entirety.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tropic thunder - fake trailers (the fatties)

I don't know how I missed this.. pretty sure I rented this movie, must have missed this special feature.  Anyway, Jack black does a parody of the klumps, and he's dressed as a teenager, middle aged, and grandmother (and pretty convincing too)