Thursday, July 14, 2016

american ninja ranma 1/2 warrior

"TRANSGENDER WOMAN" found taking photos of 18 year old girl in target dressing room

Thankfully this didn't happen in bathroom, but puts the community in a bad light in general.  Shawn (shauna) patricia smith was found taking photos in a dressing room wearing a blonde wig and a dress.  He got caught and ran away, but was captured.  They found photos on his cellphone camera roll.  He is sitting in a local male jail.

First off, pervert.  Secondly, this person doesn't strike me as someone who is transitioning.  Even if you're not on hormones, his mugshot shows he wasn't wearing a bit of makeup (no jail is going to get off all the mascara).  I'm not saying you have to wear makeup to be a woman, but someone who's transitioning and trying to pass is going to use everything they can to blend in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

confession time

Ok so I'll admit I'm pretty techie and have been since my late teens.  One job I had back in 2000, we had an open network.  Companies weren't really using filters yet because the internet was still young.  I was well aware of what a network administrator was capable of monitoring, but there were so many employees and there was never any correction of behavior.  Lots of people surfed, some watched streaming video (which was a huge data hog back then), so it was pretty accepted to surf in the background while you worked.  As the market turned because of the recession at the time, each quarter slowly small groups of people would be let go.  I managed to survive many many cuts, and when I finally did get cut I wasn't surprised, or mad.. But backing up maybe a year before that, it was well understood that the head of the IT department was not very smart, or very aggressive in combating slacking.  I imagine as it became tough for management to decide who to let go out of the small pool, he asked IT to start monitoring everyone's activities as leverage.  One day, the IT manager walks into my cubicle, and hands me about 3 sheets of what they considered "inappropriate websites", warns me to tone things down, and walks away.  The list wasn't porn, mostly news blogs, perhaps other random things that come up in searches.. Annnnd quite a few crossdressing yahoo pages.  Yea, I had the balls to surf to crossdress websites, at work.  Needless to say, those lists were never shared with anyone, but I vowed to not visit "those pages" anymore.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Oh I think that I fouuund myself a cheerleader

Her body is always available to swap into when I need her

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

POV - guy blackmailed into being a slut

GUY: "You'll suck my cock, or I won't turn you back into a guy"

GIRL: "Fuck you asshole! you're lucky I'm doing this at all!"

GIRL: "Why the fuck did you cum in my mouth?!  eww!!"

Justin Bieber --> Miley Cyrus

Click on the first photo, then keep clicking right arrow to make him transform!