Wednesday, February 29, 2012

robet downy jr as a pinup blog

Heard about this just today. Apparently someone likes photoshopping RDJ onto women, and does a darn fine job:

Looks like it's been up a couple years. Here's some I like:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wakeup in female body fantasy

"yawwwnnn.. oh I don't wanna go to work"

Been thinking about this one a lot lately. I like the part of waking up to it. Everyone is already disoriented on a daily basis when they wake-up. Bodies in a deep resting state, perhaps a dream that makes them question what's real, then you spring a body change on them. I think most people wouldn't really believe it was real if it happened for real, thinking it was just another dream.

"OMG! Is that me in the reflection of this clock?!! this can't be? I must be dreaming.. Oh please tell me this isn't real!"

Tackle another part to this fantasy. Imagine if this was done vindictively. A wife decides to get revenge on her husband, swaps bodies, then acts like nothing is out of the ordinary. The husband is positive he's not crazy, why is this person in his body acting like this is normal? Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I have amnesia? Have I always been a woman? No, this can't be, I remember growing up as a guy! Maybe these memories aren't real, maybe my mind is playing games with me.

"Honey, something isn't right here"

How far would someone take it? Could a person go mentally crazy from not being able to handle the new reality?

"I swear I'm a guy! someone start giving me an explanation or I'm gonna start stabbing!"

the latest in technology

Oh my gosh! This phone just turned me into a hot chick! I have facetime on, and I'm staring back at hottie!
Hey, would you like to try this new phone? Come on, drink the kool-aid.. then get ready to drink semen.

Monday, February 27, 2012

joe gets female

Before his popular "badge of shame" channel, This joe guy did a bunch of videos on a "current" channel. This was one of them, in which he gets a makeover at one of those crossdress boutiques. Note how convincing his female voice is, almost a little too good:

You can see him use his female voice in another video:

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ooh, you have a nice penis.

Mmm.. I'm gonna take it from him

Mmm.. It won't be long now before his penis is transferred to me!
Oh man, this girl has a great vagina!

Yes! the magic worked!
What the hell?

What did you do with my penis? Why do I have a vagina?

You crazy witch bitch! Give me my penis back! If I suck on it like you sucked on mine, it should re-appear on me, right?
No you stupid idiot, only I have magic, this penis is mine now! Now roll over, I'm going to fuck you for a change!

I think you need a little more work to be female. I shall use my penis like a magic wand. Alla kazam, alla kazoo! Turn this guy into a female for me to screw!

Ha! it worked! Look how thin your waist is, and how big your ass is! And look, your starting to grow breasts too!
No, stop this now! I don't want to be a woman!

Spread em wide bitch, I'm gonna stick my cock inside you!
No, stop this madness, what are you doing to me?!

Your getting more feminine by the minute
Oh my god, my hair is growing long, and do I have heels on now?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

transgender moment in movie - repossessed

This is a leslie neilsen style movie.. basically a parody of "the exorcist", and ironically has the same female actor from the original movie (linda blair). In a couple scenes, there are some transgender moments, including turning the priest into a nun, and then a 3-way body swap (though leslie neilsen is wearing quite the loose dress, in fact it looks like a hospital gown). Anyway, enjoy:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

turning my friend femme

"Oh my god, you turned me into a girl with giant boobs. What's that? You wanna see them? SURE!"

"Oh my, I think you made them too big, this dress can't even contain them!"

it's a bikini for you!

"Hey! I thought you were going to leave me as a guy today? I don't wanna be a bikini girl at the beach" he said to his wife. She had other plans. Making him a girl meant he wasn't going to be interested in staring at other girls in bikinis.

more boobies

"Woah, I have an amazing rack!", he said

woah boobies!

"Holy shit these things are heavy, how do you stay standing up straight?" he asked

grass is greener, and bigger

"It's mezmerizing!" she said, seeing a cock from the other side of the fence for the first time
"I know", he said, thinking she was paying him a compliment

when in rome

"Hells yes I'm taking a photo of this body. Better take advantage of it while I can", fernando said while in his sister's body

greater shift

He couldn't believe what he was seeing in the mirror after the great shift. What a smokin body, but he couldn't comprehend staring back at it with himself in it.

bikini beach

"NOOOOoooo! I didn't realize what bikini beach meant!"


"wow, I can't believe my dick is gone", she thought to herself as she stared down at her crotch. That magic ring really was magic alright.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow, really? Your going to pay me $300 to swap bodies with me, and then make love to my friend over here for an hour, while I masterbate your.. I mean my cock and watch? This is too easy



5 rules...

I heard an interesting story recently. Apparently there are 5 unwritten rules, understood by women in Thailand (no joke, this is real). I can only recall 4 of them:
1. A woman never asks a man his business (IE he can go out drinking, have sex with a prostitute, the woman must never ask what he's doing)
2. The woman shall never know how much money the man makes.
3. When a man comes home, dinner and a bath is to be ready
4. When the man wants sex, the woman must accommodate (even if she's not in the mood)

Of course, the other thing that thailand is well known for are ladyboys (transexuals).

So it makes me wonder. If your a man, and you become a woman, wouldn't you have to follow these same rules set by society?

I don't know, maybe there's an appeal. If your a submissive type person, maybe you would enjoy living this sort of lifestyle?