Friday, December 20, 2013

3d printed shoes - got me thinking

So I've posted about this before, 3d printing allows you to create shoes that will likely never exist.  Too much cost, perhaps impossible to manufacture.  That fills an interesting niche, fashion designers that want crazy heels (or lady gaga) can now have what they want by paying some artist to model it up.

Then I got to thinking that this could fill another niche, a choice of styles for crossdressers with large feet.  Seriously, I don't know how many of my followers have above a size 12 female foot (even worse if it's above 14), but the selection absolutely sucks.  Your choice is pretty much whatever "pleaser" sells, which means hooker heels.  So as long as you're okay with 5" stilletto or platforms in white, black or red then there's no issue.

So how does 3d printing help us?  Well the reason why the manufacturers won't make more styles is because they think we are a small portion of the market.  Why should they make more styles if there aren't enough buyers?

I'm actually an engineer by trade, so I do 3d modeling and I could totally see myself modeling up a pair of heels (at home of course).  I would want a starting point so I'd have to scan my foot first, and then build a shoe around that.  Of course the one issue with 3d printing is usually you can only print plastic or rubber, but not both (unless you figure out a way to join the two).  There are some newer printers that will print dual material, but I've yet to see any of the 3d printing websites offer this service just yet.

If you'll notice on most of the 3d printing heels that are worn, they are either all rubber, or they have an open back.  One idea I had was to create strappy heels.  Just print the base, but include some sort of mechanical feature on them to attach fabric straps to

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

celebrity celebration - claudia christian

Name might not be familiar... Unless of course you were a babylon5 fan:

I know her more from a cheesy movie from the 80's called "the hidden". It's a movie about an alien that plants himself into a human body, and he takes and takes, and when his body gets too damaged (usually from the police trying to stop him), he leaves his host body and enters another.  At one point in the movie he realizes the body he's in has a bad heart, so while in a strip club he steals one of the stripper's bodies (oh don't we all wish we could do that).  Anyway, after he casually leaves the strip joint in his new body (dressed very scantily of course), he takes a pause to check out his new body a little bit closer.  He stares at his chest, and squeezes a little, and realizes he has quite the assets (which comes to his advantage initially when he's yet again pulled over by the police).

 If you'd like to watch the sequence, go here:

The entire movie is in that same link if you care to watch it.

photoshop vs reality

Thought this was an interesting post on gizmodo.  An artist is showing how photoshop alters our perception of the world.  Here's the posted photo:
South park recently did an episode talking about photoshop as well:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

oculus rift - new demos

This body scan demo is pretty amazing.  Granted they aren't moving around (it's more like real dolls posed), but still incredibly real:

3D-Heaven01 from Lee Perry-Smith on Vimeo.

This one shows the potential of an interactive girlfriend:

XStoryPlayer Oculus Rift Demo #2 from on Vimeo.

XStoryPlayer Oculus Rift Demo #1 from on Vimeo.

Even as simplistic as this one is, I can see a single guy coming home and going into his virtual house with a beautiful woman showering in the background, beautiful sunset background with giant windows and a skylight in the ceiling

3d printed heels

Love this article (mostly because I do 3d work).  However, if you really look at even standard heels, there are a lot of complicated curved surfaces (as our feet are).  Someone has taken it to the next level and created what seems like impossible structures and made them real.