Thursday, July 29, 2010

pigged out

So last weekend we ate out.. A LOT! I knew we were going to, and to offset the weight gain I actually worked out. All in all, I gained probably 5 pounds (could have been worse), but miracously I lost all of that within like 2 days (getting back to normal eating).

Been trying to eat fruit more. Been loving bananas and grapes (fairly portable).

I've also cut back on my sugar in my coffee, I'm finding that if I overdo it that it actually tastes bad (like burnt carmel).

Something odd happened last night, and it may repeat tonight. I cross dressed (curled my hair, did a little makeup, tossed on a dress), didn't masturbate.. did dishes, laundry, and oddly enough.. I didn't eat. Like, I should be eating dinner, but didn't. I don't know if it's because the crossdressing relaxed me, or if it was an escape from my stressful male life, if in the back of my head looking good was more important than satisfying my stomach or what, but I just didn't really care about eating. When my wife came home several hours later, and she asked if I ate, and I said no, and she was like "NooOOO??" like she couldn't believe I waited. Makes me wonder how far I could take that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the medallion, what if...

Been thinking lately what regular life would be like if such a thing really existed..

What sort of situations might come up? If your an autogynapheliac, you might find yourself using it a bit too often. Take one possible scenario, guy transforms into a woman every weekend, one friday he does it out of habit, not realizing that him and his wife were going away for the weekend to a beachhouse. He transforms himself into a beautiful brunette, gets dressed, and admires himself.

His wife comes home, and sees he's transformed, and freaks out!

"Honey NOOO!! why would you transform?! You know we're going away this weekend!"

His husband, realizing the mistake he's made, comes up with a solution.

"No problem babe, I transformed at 7pm, I'll just transform back in the morning"

"But honey, we're leaving at 5am to beat the rush, you knew that. Don't you listen to anything I say?!"

"Ok, still no problem.. I'll.. just.. pack like I'm going to be a guy, take the medallion with me, and I'll transform on the way"

Aaaand, inevitably, the husband forgot to pack the medallion, he left it sitting on the dresser, and about halfway to the beach resort, he realized he had.

"Oh crap! I forgot to pack the medallion! You gotta turn around!"

"No way, we're halfway there, it would take forever to turn around now, I guess your just going to have to deal with being a woman this weekend"

And he did.. his wife gave him a bikini to borrow, which he unfortunately had to wear. Oh sure, dressing up was one thing, but wearing a bikini was VERY revealing.

He couldn't believe the view he had now on the beach

Or let's imagine another scenario. The medallion works on the premise of transforming the guy into whosoever clothing they are. Now if he's smart, he'll keep his own clothes separated so he can always turn into a female version of himself. Or if he wants to be specific people, he can use those clothes. Now suppose he gets lazy, and leaves a shirt lying around, and a neighbor spills something on her blouse, and needs to borrow a shirt temporarily, so the wife grabs one nearby (that just happens to be his). And then he uses that shirt the next time he decides to transform, un-beknownst to him that he's going to turn into a copy of her.

"HA ha ha! oh honey, you look so adorable. You look just like our plus sized neighbor, how's it feel?"

"Pssht! I'm not even talking to you, the only way this could have happened is for her to have worn this sweater. I am locking my clothes up from now on!"

high heels permanently alter calf muscles

I've heard of foot binding in china.. where they force women to wear VERY uncomfortable shoes where the toes essentially fold under the foot, making them even daintier

Then found this interesting article today. Wearing 2" or higher heels daily for 2 years or more actually shortens the fibers in your calf muscles by 13 percent. In effect, it makes it MORE uncomfortable to wear flats or flip-flops:

Now I've heard the stories how heels are bad for your feet, such as this chart:

Then it got me thinking. I've sometimes read transgender stories where the girl and guy get 3 wishes to perform on their partner. Usually the girl wishes for nice things about her partner, while the guy wishes for things like bigger boobs, a tighter body, and sometimes permanently modified legs where she's forced to wear high heels.

It's odd to think that could actually be true. Through surgery, or forcing someone to wear heels for 2 years could actually make this change permanent. Imagine a guy that HAS to wear heels in order to be comfortable?

Would he JUST wear the heels with his regular clothes?

Or would he think about transitioning at the workplace just to be normal (if he had minor inclinations to do so, such as a part-time crossdresser)?

Perhaps it would spur a new fashion for men, high heeled mens shoes?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with transgender or fiction, and I try to avoid porn when possible (but sometimes necessary). I saw this whilst browsing around, and at first I went "wah? how stupid, what's the point? It's essentially a human sized vacuum sealer (like you'd use on food):

Then as the video progressed, I thought "ah, I suppose it would be interesting to at least see someone vacuum sealed and see the outlines of their body, sort of a skin tight latex outfit, only it's a bed. Then I kept watching, and I realized it's purpose. It's like the ultimate bondage sex toy. Forget handcuffs, forget ropes, this thing immobilizes your partner in less than a minute.

Then I looked at their website:

Granted it's expensive and I'd probably never buy it (I'd build one before I paid that kind of money), but it's interesting that they allow holes and tubes for body parts to go in. Now this sorta kinda does relate to transgender. I mean the fantasy of being a woman is being sub-serviant, to be controlled (at least in most fantasies I read), and the idea of being teased out of your control seems kinky and exciting to me. Then I thought.. Maybe you could tuck your penis, add some fake boobs, and then seal yourself, and it would look like your a woman sealed up.. just a thought.

Monday, July 19, 2010

she's not in my league

Hockey is going to be interesting this year, since all the guys have been turned into beautiful women by a curse from the opposing team

He's the boss

Friday, July 16, 2010

cheating husband

He thinks he can just cheat on me and get away with it eh? I'll show him! I'll make it so he can never cheat again! Let's see, where's that website. Ah yes,, a friend of mine told me about it. Says it can change your man into a woman with just a few clicks. Let's see, curly brunette hair, pouty lips, smooth white skin, and most importantly.. petite. Press this button if your sure, you bet I am!

She invited some of her friends over for some girl time.
Psst! do you realize who that is? It's steve!
Hey! that's Steve, pass it on
That woman there is steve
Can you believe that's steve sitting over there!

Could you ladies maybe stop staring at me. And the name is Stephanie, at least that's what my wife has been calling me since the.. change.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

she's out of my league

"Holy shit! Dave! You just turned into a hot blonde bombshell!"

"duh, of course I'm a girl. All the guys turn into beautiful women once a month on this island, where've you been? why don't you take a look at yourself while your at it, you make a cute brunette"

bad medicine

No, not that bon jovi song..

"Ugh! what kind of medicine did my wife pick up for me? This tastes like black licorice mixed with ginger root or something, it tastes horrible. What a minute, how is my hair growing so fast? What's going on here?"

bar scenes

Woah! what was in that tequila, I don't feel like myself. What's happening to my clothes? And my hair is getting long, holy shit I think I'm turning into a girl! I gotta get outta here before some dude tries to pick me up

Holy shit! this website really worked dude, I'm sitting in front of my laptop and I'm totally a chick! I thought you were yanking my chain, looks like something else got yanked. So like, how do I change back into a dude? WHAT??!! What do you mean I can't change back?!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey, would you like to be a female too? Just say the word and we can make that happen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

creampie surprise

So apparently there are p*rn videos out there where the guy accidentally "prematurely ejaculates", and obviously the woman is quite upset because she fears she might get pregnant. Some of these videos are obviously fake, others look quite real (almost blooperish). Here's my take:
A. Your fucking without a condom, pregnancy is the least of your worries. How about the fact that you could get AIDS?
B. your a pornostar, I'm sure it's mandatory that you take birth control pills like vitamins everyday
C. If your willing to take the risk of the chance that a guy might not be able to hold it in (which happens all the time, especially in the p*rn industry I'm sure because it's being filmed and they want it to look good), then you can't complain.

Anyway, getting to my point.. These videos make for some pretty good film footage for a transgender story come to life. You've read the stories, guy gets transformed by a medallion, by the SRU wizard, whatever, and what is he told everytime? If you have sex, and he cums inside you, you'll be stuck that way. Sometimes it's because of the pregnancy, sometimes it's just the way the magic works.

So what would that scene look like when the guy realizes he's stuck as a girl? Well I put together a short video of some various clips, and uploaded it to xvideo (seems to be that type of site), so enjoy!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

shopping for heels

Ok, I realize you turned me into a woman, and I should start dressing like one, but do I really have to wear these pointy heels? These are like an accident waiting to happen, can't I find some nice 3/4" chunky heels to wear?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth

"I said I wanted to be a success, not a princess!!" he told the genie


Normally I don't care for masking. It all looks fake, can't really wear it (in a serious manner) out in public (unless you want a lot of attention). I'm talking about stuff like this:

There are some semi-decent masks from Japan that I've seen (actually quite realistic):

However, there's still a gap between the eye holes and the actual eyes, the mouth is closed up (how do you eat? breathe?). Also those masks look very rigid, and it ties in the back (good luck covering that up), not to mention they cost $1,200 if you do the Yen to dollar conversion!

Now I've also seen this:

Which honestly isn't terrible if you can get past the giant lips, but still looks fake.

Then I saw this:

Granted it's not a female mask, but just watch the video. I have never seen anything so realistic in all my life, and the fact that it can pop on and off in seconds is amazing. If you go to their website, most of their masks seem to be around $700:

And if you watch this video, you can see how much it really stretches to fit taughtly to your own head structure without breaking:

here's an old lady mask they sell. Also very realistic, just sorta wishing they'd consider doing a young female mask