Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the voice

Uhh, yea.. I have the body, but certainly not the voice. I still have my deep scruffy voice, and people are staring at me funny


I posted something a couple weeks ago, basically reviewing one of the films I bought from this site. It seems this blog got ranked high on google, and as a result had a direct effect. I do not wish ill-will to this site, that was not my intent. I've very much a "feedback" sort of person. I like feedback (positive or negative) of my own performance. I'm an elite member on yelp.com because good businesses deserve praise, and the shitty ones deserve.. bad reviews.

I'd also like to say I am in no way associated with RdDrfjames on youtube. I wasn't really trying to promote him, I just like his work. I was only saying that I'm impressed that someone can make films that good on youtube.

With that said, my original intent was to say how I didn't think the price of admission was worth it for what I viewed. That's to say the ONE film I watched, I wasn't trying to judge an entire site based on that.

I really do hope that site does well, and I look forward to seeing what other films they come up with. They are only producing what's being voted to film, and if that's what people want to see then so be it. If it were my vote, I would have wanted to see something with body changing (magical, sci-fi, etc), but that's just me.

Support your independent film makers, support transgender!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

michael bolton on SNL (lonely island)

In case you missed it from a couple weeks ago, Bolton joined the SNL digital short (lonely island) by de-focusing them after he had a long movie marathon at home. It starts out rather funny as he does a captain jack sparrow scene

But then he goes on to a scarface parody

But more interestingly, a quick snippet of an erin brachovich parody:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

been laden

I shouldn't take joy in anyone's death. Really we should move on and just be happy justice is served and perhaps this is a turning point where the world can be at peace again.. Then again, why not basque in it?

One of my favorite movies is little nicky (adam sandler production), simply for the fact that he depicts that hitler gets a special role in hell.. dressed as a french maid and tortured. In fact in one scene, they make him pick out a pineapple that will end up getting shoved up his ass


I believe in kharma, even steven, ying-yang, all the things that balance this universe out. I'd like to think there's a special role for osama down in hell right now

Monday, May 2, 2011

and yet.. another movie spoof

Return to me.... No seriously, return my body, these boobs are getting heavy

another movie spoof

genies never work out in the end

Said frank as he realized his 3rd wish once again backfired on him, only there were no wishes to fix his situation now. He was stuck as a gorgeous woman now.

magic, always a trick question

How much do you like the color purple?

"A little bit, why? wait, woah! Did you just turn me into a girl?"

stop with the big boobs

Dude! Seriously? I said you could give me boobs, I didn't mean D cups! Your going to stretch out my skin, and then I'll never go back to being a guy.