Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Inside You

So I stumbled on this movie called "inside you" from 2017.. It's about a couple that switch bodies through some sort of sex toy they find at a shop.  You can stream it for free with limited commercials here: https://tubitv.com/movies/462409/inside_you?utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed

So a few takeaways *spoiler alert, duh!*
1. Acting was halfway decent.. when they switch bodies, the guy becomes slightly more effeminate, the girl becomes only slightly more dudish.
2. They both want to explore their bodies.. the guy becoming his girlfriend takes a bit longer
3. Both of them do very sterotypical things that hollywood would like you to think each gender would want to do.. IE the girl who becomes the boyfriend really wants to write things with his pee, she really wants to experience a blowjob (multiple times).  The guy who becomes the girlfriend has a tough time dressing and putting on makeup (I suppose that could be true).  At one point, they have sex with each other which I've never seen any TG-film really address.  At first I was like "Ehh, really?  if you swapped bodies with someone, could you really have sex with yourself?"  But the more I thought about it the next day, maybe it wouldn't be as hard as you think.  First off, you'd be in a different body, and the hormones would change your perspective.  Also I think if you saw your body from outside, you'd have a different view of yourself than when you look into a mirror.  Seeing yourself in 3d would look different than a flat mirror, and you'd have a different viewpoint

One last stereotypical thing they showed, the guy in the girlfriend's body goes to a bar, and of course gets flirted with right away.  Women don't automatically get picked up on, though I will admit some guys can be very persistent.  Right now I have one guy that messaged me on KIK linked from my fetlife account (that I gave up on the conversation because it wasn't going anywhere) has literally messaged me "hi" twice a day, nearly everyday for about the past 2 weeks.  When I finally opened up the app (as apposed to just reading the notice dragged down from the top), he suddenly starts messaging me new things like "are you horny?".  So about that... One, if I haven't responded to your 24 messages of hi, what makes you think I'll suddenly change my mind?  Like that's borderline stalker behavior.  And two, the fact that you pay that close attention to when I've actually read your messages makes it even creepier that you monitor conversations that closely on Kik.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Taylor swift - You need to calm down

So I've always not liked taylor swift.  While her songs are catchy, most of them are about how terrible men are.  It got so pathetic that at one point Seth Green made fun of her on family guy.

When Jack Molay tweeted a link to it this week, my first reaction was "Oh here we go, clearly she's jumping on the LGBTQ bandwagon".. Then I read everyone that was in it, and I go "shit, she's legit.  No way all those people would sign on to be in her video if she wasn't being sincere".  Ru Paul and Ellen are HUGE celebrities.  The song itself has a great message, but the video makes it much more clear.  It's showing the typical trump fans who want to hate everything.  The set is a trailer park that reminds me that scene in "too wong foo thanks for everything" when they have the watermelon picnic (very vibrant and colorful)

At the very end, taylor swift and Katy Perry make up after their long fight.  It's really heart warming and I've watched it over and over.

Also at the end she posts a link to get congress to pass a bill protecting the LGBTQ community and it's already surpassed it's original 300,000 goal

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Black Mirror - striking vipers (netflix)

Sooo... this episode was incredible.


If you haven't seen black mirror, it's basically like twilight zone but with futuristic tech.  So in this episode, a couple friends play a street fighter like game called "striking vipers" as teens.  11 years later, they meet again and the one friend gives him a gift for his birthday, it's an updated version that's "immersive".  So they both log in one night (the guy that gave the gift has already tried it out), but the other friend is shocked at how realistic it is.  Well as most dudes, one always chooses the female character.  Usually they say it's because they would rather be staring at a girl than some dude.  So they both start fighting in the game, and at some point the girl character ends up on top of the dude.  There's a pause, and then she ends up kissing her friend.

The dude backs away, wiping off his mouth.  He's embarrassed he just kissed his friend, so he exits game.  A few days go by, and they both log back into the game.  You assume they are both going to ignore what happened before as they creep towards each other ready to fight, but then they both let down their guard and run to each others arms (this time having sex).

  So this goes on and on, the one dude starts to hide this from his wife (plays at night while she's sleeping).

At one point, he asks his friend (who's a girl) what it feels like.  He's like "craaazy! if being a man is like a guitar solo, being a woman is like a whole orchestra!"

Finally the one friend demands they kiss in person to see if there are any feelings, to know for sure if they're just gay.  Turns out there aren't any feelings, the only feelings are in the game.

Eventually the married friend confesses, and they strike a deal that one day a month he gets to have sex in the game if she can go on a date with someone.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

AI angel - virtual character

So I have no idea how this ended up in my youtube feed, but none-the-less it caught my eye.  So the title is "AI sees humans for the first time", followed by "AI sees humans for the second time".



Now I have 2 reactions right away:
1. It's not AI, it's someone using some sort of motion capture system to effectively create a digital puppet.  It's not facerig because this has a very custom background and the movement are far more advanced.
2. That voice sounds... somewhat authentic, but there's something not quite right about it.  Could be a girl, could be a guy doing a voice.

Whoever it is, they certainly have an entertaining personality.

Did some digging, if you go back in the channel there's a bunch of videos of some guy named rogue shadow who apparently spends a lot of time in VR, even has one where he's showing a virtual night club he worked on in unity.  He has one video just interviewing other users on VR chat (a program where you can change your character and just walk around and talk to other people around the world).  He asks them a simple question, why do you come here?  Most just want a general escape from their real life, a few admit they do it to escape gender dysphoria.  He has one video that made a news story where one user started to have a seizure as you saw him shake on the floor virtually, and most of the other users were generally concerned but had no way to help him until he could start to speak again.

Anyway, whoever this is started a twitch channel where they game (and perhaps do more omegle video chats again).  They just started a patreon page like 2 weeks ago and they already have $730/month in supporters.  I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a career.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

deepfakes getting popular?

If you search youtube, there are more of them coming out.  I don't know the documentation is clear enough for me to fully understand how to do it (believe me, if nothing else I would love to put my own face on female bodies).  Anyway there's a relatively new channel called "the fakening" and he's got a couple good ones:

The first one is Joe Rogan on the body of a swimsuit model (I'm guessing some sort of Miss universe?)


The second is Pete Davidson's face on ariana grande (which is bizarre since they dated)


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

foo fighters - drag music videos

I'm sure we've all seen these but wanted to bring them up.  The band member taylor hawkins seemed to play the girl in their early days.  Currently he sports a beard so that doesn't really work well, but back 20 years ago he made quite the attractive looking woman.  Here is he as himself with Dave:

Notice in the "everlong" video, both in photos and in the music videos, he's pretty passable.  In fact in my youth not really paying attention to things, I had no idea at first that it was one of his band members.

In the "learn to fly" video, he makes quite the hot stewardess.  He's even rocking some nice cleavage.

Friday, April 5, 2019

drag for a day? Or forever?

There are lots of videos where guys try being women for the first time.  This guy tried drag for the first time last Halloween:

But then shortly after, he records another video of "drag for a day" where he dresses up after Halloween and this dude passes way too well.  Like he looks better than most real women do, and his voice is pretty androgynous that he doesn't even have to try to sound female.

I may follow his channel, see where it goes.  It looks like he's slowly trying to learn makeup and perhaps become the african version of James Charles.  In general I love seeing non-transgender guys try to be women.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

follow friday - rinsenpai

Ok I stumbled on this dude's channel.  I say dude because he refers to himself as male, but genderfluid (even though nearly every video is him as female, at least by the end of the video).

If you've followed the transgender community long enough, at some point you'll hear someone say "It's so easy for asian men to become women", which is probably true for many of them but not all.  Anyway, I think this one is so fucking cute and adorable, it's shocking when you hear him talk in his male voice.  I especially like him because he has such great outfits, including a lot of cosplay.  Anyway check out his channel:

Monday, April 1, 2019

morning radio - man's girl voice

So this is a morning show in chicago called sherman and tingle.  They've moved radio stations a few times, but that seems to be the new norm since radio seems to be broke.  Anyway, the guy named tingle is pretty talented as you can see by this video:

Now I say talented because I think manly dudes like that who can turn their female voice on and off like a light switch are amazing.  Besides the old black woman voice he does (which he calls clarissa jenkins), he also does a 20-something sultry young female voice that's amazing, as you can hear by this clip:

Anyway, if you want to hear more of clarissa jenkins there's a bunch of prank calls you can find on youtube

Sunday, March 17, 2019

james charles - drag

Although he does tons of makeup tutorials (some with wig and female attire), this is the first video I was truly impressed at what a dramatic transformation he went through (he even comments at the end about how he feels like a woman)

Thursday, March 14, 2019


I stumbled on this artist by searching for "girl music" playlists on youtube.  It has a very positive and uplifting message, saying it's ok if you bend or break.  It also just happens to have a bunch of LGBT people in the video.  I searched through her youtube feed and apparently she came out as lesbian.  Anway, it's a great catchy song and a great music video to match:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Family guy - trans-fat

When I saw the description for this episode, I was really worried I would be offended (because I really like Seth MacFarland).  As expected, it was like any other episode, Peter plays the idiot that doesn't know better and takes it as far as can (and learns a lesson in the end which is that both women and men treat you differently as the other gender).  My only two negatives about the episode (if you can even take a cartoon seriously) is that Peter accidentally gets a sex-change (which would never happen without not only verbal consent, but every trans person has to live at least 6-12 months as a woman before they can even be considered for a sex change).  Then of course the other thing is that at the end of the episode, he has surgery to reverse it.  Now obviously there are female to male sex changes, but it wouldn't be the same as before.  Females that become males have the genitalia, but they wouldn't have the ejaculation (plus I believe erections are manual through bladders).  Anyway, this is the best clip I could find of the episode though I'd recommend watching it in it's entirety.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tropic thunder - fake trailers (the fatties)

I don't know how I missed this.. pretty sure I rented this movie, must have missed this special feature.  Anyway, Jack black does a parody of the klumps, and he's dressed as a teenager, middle aged, and grandmother (and pretty convincing too)