Tuesday, April 30, 2013

who's your top 5?

No, not women you'd do.. guys.  and I'm not talking about gay sex, I'm talking hetero sex.  That's right, if you could transform into a gorgeous female right now, who would you want to sleep with?  I couldn't narrow them down, so here's my top 8:

8.Justin Bieber - and not for his music.  There are very few men that have a face as feminine as his (possibly the most photoshopped celebrity into a girl in history).  Give him another few years, and maybe he'll finally lose the baby face.  Then he'll be out of my top8 for sure.

7. Robert Downy Jr - Iron man is my favorite superhero movie, then there's the pinup page (that no longer exists), how can you not love him?

6. Wait for it..... Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) - He's gay, he's come a long way from doogie houser.  He matured into a hell of a good looking guy, and his character barney on "how I met your mother" steps up to a whole nother level.  Barney it the epitome of a womanizer, yet somehow you envy him and want to be him (or with him).

5. Jason Segel - Yes another guy from the same show, but there's something I find about him that's sexy.  He doesn't have the most attractive face, not the most attractive body, but he feels like the sort of person that would just be fun to hang out with, yet he'd want to be adventuresome.

4. Leonardo decaprio - You have to admit, he has a pretty feminine face, and he's a hell of an actor.  I also sort of dig that he sticks to a lot of movies filmed in the 1930's, even before it was cool.

3. Justin Timberlake - He's gone from boy band, to solo artist, to actor.  He's like a white will smith.  He's one hell of a smooth good looking guy.

2. Bruce willis - I don't know what it is about him.  Always thought he was a cool guy on moonlighting.  Early receding hairline, but he was funny. Then he went on to do a few barles & james wine cooler commercials, then suddenly he's a big movie star after die-hard.  Through the years he shaves his head shorter and shorter until he finally decides to just go bald.  I don't think most men can pull that off.  Michael Jordan, Michael Clarke Duncan sure, but most white men can't.  I never got the "he gets sexier as he ages", I get it with bruce.

1. Jason Bateman - I know, odd choice right?  Childhood star that grew up to actually not look like a troll.  Seems like everything he's in "hancock, horrible bosses, extract, arrested development", he's always the victim.. But he doesn't play the victim.  No matter how bad life is, he remains cool and calm, and just deals with the situation, rarely yelling or losing control.  Yes, his personality is so strong it pulls him in the front of the line.  I think a lot of guys are jerks, and he's the complete opposite of one.  He's like a really sweet girl in a guy's body.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jeff bridges is a woman in new movie

Sort of.. it's a new movie that's very much like MIB (men in black), two partners fighting the bad guys, but instead of aliens, it's dead people jumping into the living.  Trailer looks awesome, and Jeff's body is a very sexy blonde female.  Check out the trailer for yourself!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

band member morph

When I saw the album cover of "the band perry" at walmart, I immediately picked up on how similar the facial structure one male band member was to the very pretty female band member in the center:

I decided to morph him, turned out pretty well