Wednesday, October 21, 2020

F1NN5TER - e-girl gamer

I've been holding off posting this.  So I stumbled upon this person's youtube channel a few months back.  According to the wikitubia, he dccided to dress up as a girl as a dare on his twitch gaming stream:

Well since then, he's done quote a lot of streams on twitch.. In a recent video, he made a pledge that if he got $10k in donations, he'd stay dressed as a girl for a week

Now obviously I'm not the first TG blogger to talk about F1NN5TER.  He really makes a cute girl, and you have to wonder what his motivation is.  I've tried to watch a few of his streams through, and he claims he has no intentions of transitioning.  He has "simp" goals, and for those that don't know what a SIMP is it's a dude that keeps buying a girl gifts and never gets anything in return.  It's almost as if he's turning it around and making everyone else a simp.  I'm subscribed now, and today's stream seemed quite lucrative.  His goal hovered around $800 for a while, then suddenly someone dropped a $2,000 donation and it wasn't long before he was above $3k.  Now keep in mind that's $3,300 for 2 hours of streaming (sure there was probably some prep to get dressed up, but lots of girls have to do that everyday).

Beyond his funding (which I believe goes directly to him), he also gets SHIT-tons of gifts.  Most of his streams are simply opening packages of gifts sent to him.  It's mostly clothes, I'm pretty sure that cute pink bunny gaming chair was sent to him.  Then ABOVE that if you look at his viewers, it says 32k viewers.  If you don't know about twitch, those are REALLY good numbers.  I subscribe to some channels that have maybe 100-200 regular viewers that make an ok living from that (they usually get some mild donations too).  Whoever this kid really is, he's really smart (and will likely continue to make a good living).