Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Period!

Ok so I follow elvira on twitter, and she posted a link to this page for a new movie

Elvira (cassandra peterson) plays the mom, and it seems to be a movie about a couple girls in high school (played by guys, but they aren't supposed to be playing drag).  It also seems to be set in the 80's which is also a plus, and it even stars Judy Tenuta!  If it were any more campy, you'd need bug spray.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

adele dresses up as george michael..

For her birthday?  like seriously, not a costume party, not halloween.  She idolizes George Michael, so for her birthday she dresses up as him (and convincingly).

I think that is so cool, even if it is F2M.  I mean imagine if other celebrities did that for their birthday?  What if Justin Timberlake misses Britney spears and decided to dress up as her?

Monday, May 18, 2015

VR porn = $7

Ok, so VR is taking off early next year.  Oculus rift has been dragging it's feet, but we've had the android google cardboard solution for a while.  You can ride a roller coaster, explore a virtual world, and lately the porn industry has decided to not only support Oculus, but Samsung gear (hard version of google cardboard), and google cardboard.

Seems the biggest player in the market is "virtual real porn", and they even have short minute trailers for you to download on their site (MP4 format so your phone will need to convert to WMV).  Being that it's 3d, there is no way for me to convey how it looks or feels, but it's pretty darn cool stuff.  Nice thing about this site, they have at least 6 trailers of women getting pleasured, so it's the ultimate female POV experience.  This one is my favorite:

It starts out as a office woman sitting in a room, and then is suddenly taken care of by a guy.  Because of the 3d effect, I can see my breasts sticking out, I can see my heels sticking up in the air, when she squirts you can see the depth of the liquid in the air. Once things like oculus take off (where you have a comfortable headset and potentially input rather than just being an observer), I can see how VR porn is going to take off in a big way next year.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

admired woman - Tess Holliday

Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past couple days, you've no doubt heard about the plus size model (26, US 22) named Tess Holliday.  I've seen her photo a few months ago (I follow a BBW twitter feed) and I think she's just absolutely gorgeous.  So much in fact, I don't even see fat.  I also happen to like the "pinup" look, and tattoos (when they're done right).
I bring this up because so many of us who crossdress think it's futile because we're a few extra pounds.  If this lady can pull it off, I'm sure most of us can too.
She's also sponsored by a clothing line named "yoursclothes" which seems to care about how plus size clothing fits (many don't, particularly stores like lane bryant).  Prices I'm seeing are fairly reasonable considering, certain compares to lane bryant but without the grandma style/prints.


If you compare her non-makeup face to a very made-up face, it's easy to see how important a good makeup job is.

Friday, May 8, 2015

wig.. unboxing?

Is that a thing?  I know people do it for electronics.  So I ordered a $50 wig from voguewigs.com, it was this one in color P4-27-30

So one thing that most people comment when they review wigs is that they all end up much darker than the photo showed.   I thought about getting one in black with some highlights, but even in videos I can tell you can't even see the highlights.  So I went with the color above (which appears very light), and thankfully I did because it is darker (but just the right darkness).  I think lighter hair tends to attract attention.  I want pretty hair, but I still want to blend in.  If I wanted to stand out, I'd buy a purple wig.

So 3 things nice about this wig:
1. It's sythetic, but looks very natural and has great curls
2. It's snug, but has room.  I think this one has a much better made cap that stretches better.
3. It has a lace front so the hairline looks natural.  I've never had this on a wig, the closest thing I have is a wig with a built in headband (but I look like I'm a teenager wearing it).  I'm not sure why these aren't trimmed from the factory, perhaps it's too costly?  Maybe you're supposed to adjust according to your head?  Every video I've watched simply says trim as close to the hair as you can without cutting into it.

Here's the lace I trimmed away.  You can see the hair goes right to the edge:
 It has these nice built in hair pins that seem to keep it in place better than the cheapy wigs:
 Here's how it looks from the front
 And here's what it looks like from the top
 Shipping is pretty quick, and the turnaround time is only a few days.  They usually have coupons for free shipping as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stream - Kill the faggot video game :-0

So this has been floating around since yesterday, even Jack Molay tweeted about it today.  So apparently there's some guy that makes christian footware, and hates the LGBT community so much he thought it would be a good idea to pay his $100 to Steam to get his game greenlit because in his eyes, good or bad, any attention is good.  Now I have to preface this by saying one of the many reasons I switched from apple to android is because it's unrestricted.  With that said, I think even Steam should have SOME sort of filtering in it's company, even if you have a gametester making $8/hour that plays each submission for 5 minutes.  This game clearly should not have ever been put on the server.  Now with that said, I'm not mad at Steam.  I mean if this guy really wanted attention, all he'd have to do is embed a flash version of this game on his website and drive all the traffic he could ever want.


This is just another example of why hardcore christians are so evil.  How dare you judge anyone, much less decide who should live or die (isn't that going against your very belief, only god shall decide the fate of man?)  It's not that different from listening to former childhood star kirk cameron talk about his beliefs.