Thursday, December 10, 2015

The simpsons - groundskeeper willie plays a hooters girl

The episode was about proving one of the female scientists of springfield who was put into a mental hospital for being too smart for a girl, and how she invented something that would prove to the world that women can be smart, so Lisa convinces willie to dig up an artifact in the basement of a parody hooters restaurant.  It ends up being a quilting loom that solves math problems.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

changing into a girl journal

Every fantasy always describes how the body changes, how they're feeling, etc.  One thing I don't think that has really been explored is handwriting.  We don't think about this much because often this can be fairly androgynous.  I remember in school there was one girl that had super feminine handwriting.  So much so that she'd often use pink or purple ink even though the teachers insisted on using black or blue ink.  So I thought what if someone kept a journal and talked about how they're freaking out, but at the same time their handwriting begins to change?