Tuesday, August 28, 2012

masterbation cycle

Been doing some thinking.. Masterbation.. what is it good for? absolutely nothing.. sing it again

well actually, I'm wondering if there isn't some deeper satisfaction than simply clearing the pipes as it were, especially if your someone geared towards Autogynephilia. I believe masterbating has 4 motivators in this case:

1. You simply like stroking cock. That's right, if you weren't stroking your own cock, you wouldn't mind stroking someone else's cock. I myself have had thoughts like this.. Hey look, I have one of those down there, can't ask for anything more convenient, think I'll stroke it for a while

2. You like the money shot. Growing up (and watching porn at too young of an age and probably warping my mind in the process), it's my belief that I actually enjoy watching the orgasm (in my case, male or female). Female for the sound a woman makes, male for the visual fireworks.

3. If your imagining yourself as a woman, often the fantasy needs to go further (often when the new factor of your fetish wears off).. and your imagining yourself as a woman having sex.. which means stroking cocks. What better way to fulfill that fantasy than imaging yourself giving a handjob right now.

4. Purge - that's right.. if your not horny, the thoughts of transgender Autogynephilia seem to just fade away. It's not unlike purging an entire female wardrobe in hopes that if you get rid of the enabling factor, the feelings will go away too. This is of course only temporary.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served pink

This is an interesting revenge video. Teen hacks into his brother's facebook account (apparently this is a thing, the coined term is called FRAPE = facebook + rape). So rather than getting into an online fight, he decides to get revenge in real life... And completely redecorate his brother's room into a girl's room. And we're not talking just painting some walls and putting up some posters, we're talking about REAL detail.. Like condoms/birth control/vibrator hidden in a basket, makeup, nail polish, headband, jewelery, flowers pasted to the wall, pink rollerblades, chandelier to replace his light, pink drapes... And even though they don't show it, it seems as though they also photoshopped him as a girl and put his photo in a frame to make it even more convincing. The only way for this to be more enjoyable is if this were at a college dorm, and they went so far as to replace all his clothing with dresses, and all his shoes with high heels.

Tg tales - oh how I love thee

I'm sure everyone has been to this youtube channel

What I didn't know is that there's an alternate tgtalestoo which seems to be a channel of nothing but bookmarks to other good TG videos on youtube:

I came across this video...

Words do not describe how good this is! If you could take a fictionmania story, and directly transfer a story to video, this would be the epitimy of a perfect example. In fact, if a certain TG video site (I won't mention names because google logs this in it's search) did more videos like this, I would HAPPILY toss $15 to watch it. I want to kiss the director of this teen show, and beg that person to make more videos like this!

So what makes it so good?

1. Believability. From the boy making a very passable girl (both in looks and acting). He's a young teenager, so the testosterone hasn't really kicked in yet. Also so many of these silly magic transformations are horribly acted. Goes something like "OMG! What happened to me?! This is not happening!" You really believe that he's been transformed into a girl, with real feelings, and body changes (not a guy in drag pretending to be a girl who's actually a girl).
2. Fantastic morph animation. I mean seriously, not since the "black or white" morphing video by Michael Jackson have I seen a transformation done so well. We're talking morph, plus magic effect, plus a little bit of clothing and hair whisping from wind.
3. It follows the golden TG rule of (everyone around me is adjusted to always knowing me as a girl, but not the two magicians). This is an element that makes any story one level better. The idea that someone knows your secret, and they can hold it over your head, and tease you.. meanwhile, the rest of the world is normal, and you have to comply to acting like a normal girl. His sister and mom treating him like a girl, and complimenting him on his looks.
4. The reactions of the female schoolmates. Not only addressing him as the girl he is, but putting him down like most girls get put down by the click groups, letting him know exactly how the other gender feels.
5. Chased by a male - This scenario just wouldn't be complete if he didn't have a boyfriend in his new life, chasing him around, driving him crazy, making him feel uncomfortable.
6. Filling role (no longer on football team, now on girl's field hockey team). This seems a little less cliche, but I do admit it would have been a little more enjoyable if he were suddenly on the football cheer leading squad, and got his ass slapped.. Had to deal with holding up girls in the pyramid.
7. female to male transformation - this is often left out, and it's sweet revenge when the girl that transformed the boy into a girl, gets to know what it feels like too when she is transformed into a boy at the same time.

Here's more info about this canadian show:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

three stooges movie

So I finally decided to watch this. I will say, will sasso did a hell of a performance. The other two, just ok (perhaps it's because they aren't known)? Anyway, the movie is as silly as the original series, perhaps sillier. One good thing about it, Curly does the drag thing when he has to play a nurse. I must say, he's not a bad lookin woman.

Here he is, just changed into clothes they stole from some nurses. His lashes come from larry's eyebrows

He has to find out what room this person is in, so of course he walks up to the nurse's station and asks some guy, who thinks he's really a woman and starts coming onto him

He responds with "why wait? how about a pop right now?" as he smacks him

Then he responds to the question from Moe (quite funny). He also does a very feminine lip bite.

Here he is changing diapers. This leads to a baby squirt fight. Also I noticed will has a very red chest. I don't know if he's naturally that red (and they forgot to do makeup on his chest), or if they just did a fresh waxing and the skin was still sore?

And bonus.. one of the nuns is kate upton.. In this scene, she's of course showing off her boobs