Monday, October 24, 2016

pete burns of "dead or alive" dies at 57
Died of a cardiac arrest.. reason why he's relevant, he's another open gender artist like david bowie or boy george.  I had no idea he had so many plastic surgeries.  Apparently he had a botched lip job, which led to 300 followup surgeries to try to correct all of it

If you watch a recent TV appearance on big brother, not only are his facial features very puffy, it looks like his neck is puffed out as well

And for those of you that don't remember dead or alive, their most known song is spin me round:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Key west drag races

This looks like fun, and a lot of cute drag queens.  Too bad I hate florida.

world's first successful uterus transplant happened today

On a woman of course.. The first 3 were not successful, the 4th was.  But you have to wonder if this would ever work on a male to female transexual?  Would the body reject it because of having the wrong chromosomes, or if they dial in this surgery could a male to female transexual eventually be given the gift of a pregnancy?  Granted a uterus isn't going to suddenly start producing eggs, but implanting a fertilized egg would allow them to still have the pregnancy.