Sunday, September 26, 2010

wishes gone bad

He was an autogynapheliac. He was a chronic masterbater, but he also liked the idea of being a woman. Of course, when you have magic wishes, your going to go a little far. He wished for a longer cock, and giant breasts, and an endless amount of orgasms. It's a shame he's going to be stuck in this endless loop of masterbating.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fantasies going the extra mile

Been extending my fantasies lately. Let's face it, the fantasy of getting transformed into a sexy girl and then blowing a guy can get a little old. What if it didn't end there? What if the guy you just had sex with was also the one who transformed you, and he didn't want it to end there? What if after he climaxed, he decided he was done, but not done with you being a woman?

"Ahh.. You were great babe, thanks!"
"What? Don't I get to cum?"
"Umm, actually no. I'll tell you what you can do is clean"
"Scuse me?"
"That's right, clean up my apartment, and do a good job"
"What?! No way, I'm not cleaning, I didn't even get an orgasm"
"Ok, then have fun being a girl the rest of your life, bye"
"What? Wait! You wouldn't dare not change me back!"
"Oh wouldn't I? Tell you what, I'm gonna go out for a few hours. Do a good job of cleaning the place up, and have a descent dinner ready for me when I get back, and then I'll change you back"
"Yes sir"

"This is fucking bullshit, this guy has practically made me his slave. First he gets a free blowjob, and now I'm his maid? what an ASSHOLE this guy is. I should have never agreed to a transformation, I knew I'd end up getting screwed.. no pun intended"

"Let's see, according to this recipe, I need 2 lbs of peppers.. Or is that ounces? Oh hell, how am I supposed to prepare a home cooked meal, I don't even cook for myself. I'd cheat and just order a meal, but he took my wallet with him".

He did a decent job cleaning, but the dinner was a complete failure. He was told he'd be stuck as a woman until he fulfilled his promise. All he could do is sit on the kitchen floor and cry.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

switched again

"Dammit! Someone used a spell at the party while we were passed out, and now we're stuck in each other's bodies! Whatever happened to just writing on their faces, this is a little much!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

porn at work

"Aha johnson! caught you red handed! So you like wasting company time watching porn at work huh? Well how about we make YOU the porn!"

"Here, suck my dick you filthy slut! This is to make up for all those company hours you squandered on the internet!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

medallion, bad timing

"How long are we going to be stuck in each other's bodies?"
"For.... 12 hours"
"12 hours?!! I have to work this weekend, I can't go in like this! what am I supposed to do now?!!"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

what is the most common sexual fantasy for crossdressers?

It's well known that the most popular fantasy for a typical heterosexual male is a threesome with 2 girls

If that's true, then most likely the opposite is true for a crossdresser. I myself often fantasize that rather than my wife bringing home another girl, that she turns me into a girl and brings home a guy. And of course to top that dessert with a cherry, she also helps me along to show me the ropes.

"Ok honey, so you take the cock in your hand like this, and slowly stroke it a little first. When he gets hard, then you can start sucking him"
"Sucking him? woah, that thing is so big!"

"See how good that hard cock feels?"
"Oh my god, this feels so odd holding onto a cock that isn't mine!"

"Now that's he's hard, take his cock into your mouth and start bobbing up and down"

"Mmmph! Oh shit! the magic wore off, I turned back into a guy! This is sooo awkward"

rerverse crossdressing

You know that feeling when you first crossdress after you haven't done so in a while? How foreign (yet good) the clothes feel? What happens when you wear something girly for an extended period of time and then revert back? I've occasionally worn panties under my work clothes, but never for 4 days in a row. Haven't been keeping up with laundry lately, so all I had to wear were my panties. Finally got a pair of boxers washed this morning and I'll have to admit, it gave me that foreign feeling, but from a male garment.

"Nooo!! You stupid website! I said I wanted to be young and attractive, I never said I wanted to be a 14 gear old girl! I should have known better to trust a website that doesn't even have SSL encryption. Now I have to wait at least a week before I can wish myself back to normal"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

brain hurts

"Owww!! why does my head hurt so much? It doesn't usually hurt this bad when I transform. It's as if my brain is shrinking... hey! wait a minute, did you add something to that spell? Are you making me a dumb bimbo because so help me if.. like, you are then I... like, what was I saying"

I know how small it is

"Dude, I hate to tell you but your not 8 inches, your maybeee.. like 2 inches, see my fingers? I ought to know, that used to be my body"

grass isn't greener

"I wish I was a manager, I'd get paid a whole lot more, and I could order people around all day"
"You don't know what it's like to be me, I have to deal with problems all day, I wish I was just a secretary and had a stress free workday"
(suddenly the kharma gods made everything right by switching places to show them exactly how wrong they were)
"AHHHH!!!!" they said in unison

medallion concert

"Holy gwen stefani! I shouldn't have put on that medallion while holding my concert tshirt in my hand!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jessica Simpson body suit

"That was the easiest burglary ever! I just walked into jessica simpson's house as her, told her staff I was moving, and they let me fill a semi-trailer with all her stuff! Now it's time to take this suit off, let me just tug at the top here"

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's an interesting site. Sometimes mean, sometimes people look like objects, sometimes there's a gender bending comparison, and usually still spot on. Some of these are great, almost wish some of these guys would wear some make-up to see how closely they really resemble the female counterparts:

another keyword (and fetish?) public peeing

If you were a guy, used to being able to pee in public (within reason), and suddenly you had a clit and were assumed you would sit to pee, would you not conform and still try to pee standing up?

"Hey, don't judge us! You just did the same thing like 2 blocks back!"

"I've hit rock bottom, I'm homeless ever since I turned into a woman, and now I'm urinating in public"

"I thought that couple would never leave, phew.. I can finally empty this tiny bladder!"

another keyword "holding pee"

This also makes for a great caption, because most of the women look like their in pain. Makes for a great caption if your showing a guy being transformed, and his dick turning into a vagina.

"phooo! This part of the transformation is always the most painful! OW my ovaries!"

"OMG, you didn't tell me this part would hurt so bad. My god, is my dick retracting backwards?!! Make it stop!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

bikini babe

"You may have turned me into a babe, but I'm still not letting you see my boo.. Ok, you know what? That's not even funny cutting my straps off!"

"Dude, I agreed to play your girlfriend at the beach, I didn't say anything about making my breasts so big I can't even stand up!"

"Honey! Take it easy! I said I wanted to be a girl at the beach today, but if these things get any bigger I'm not going to be wearing this top much longer!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New keyword search "holding boobs"

Some great pictures to do captions to:

"Ok seriously, you had your fun, now change me back. These things are so HEAVY, it's hurting my back!"

[we changed his regular soap with transgender soap. Let's see his reaction when he notices his body has changed]
"What the hell? Where did these come from? Did you have something to do with this?!!"

"Oh my god! These feel great when they're on you, but they feel even better on my body! Thanks for the birthday gift honey!"

"Stop staring at my package gay-rod!", she said.
"Umm miss, I think your in the wrong shower, this is the men's showers"
"I know that, I'm a... what the hell?!!"

"I think they're big enough now, you can stop inflating them!"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

jessicawho crossdresser comedian

Some of you may know about this youtube channel (perhaps not).

She's really entertaining, I'm totally a subscriber. Here's some of her better videos:

online survey

"uhh! why do they need to know so much information about me?! male or female.. let's screw with them, FEMALE!"

"Holy shit, is that me?" she asked, seeing her reflection in the laptop screen. "OMG, I was just kidding around, what kind of website is this?"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tied up at the moment

So lately I've been looking for the next kink. lately I've been looking at bondage (BDSM) stuff. There's at least a couple things that this sexual fantasy apply to a transgender.
1. Being controlled. The idea of being submissive to someone only enhances the fantasy of being a girl.

2. "It wasn't my fault, I had to suck his dick. He had me tied up and forced me to do it". There's sort of a hidden acceptance in the idea that your doing an act your not proud of "against your will", and makes it ok.

Then I run into videos like this one:

Acting is one thing, but clearly this girl has gone past her limit of pain tolerance because those screams are real. Doesn't help much that the guy is pretty creepy wearing a camo jacket, as if he's ready to kill a deer next. It's situations like this that really turn me off from even experimenting with something like this. Granted I don't have tits to hang from, there are other body parts that stick out (OUCH!)