Monday, November 26, 2012

my boyfriend does my makup tag.. My girlfriend does my makeup tag?

So I'm sure by now you've seen the videos.. girl asks the boyfriend to do her makeup.  Perhaps because it's silly, perhaps it's so the boyfriend can see just how difficult it is for women to look good:

Of course Jenna Marbles (famed youtuber) does one, which is really funny to watch  
And apparently, there's also the opposite, "I do do my boyfriend's makeup":  
I sorta wish he'd shaved, he's kinda cute

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a few videos.. thanks to rachel's haven

there's a website I'm member of, and I found these great videos


Thursday, November 15, 2012

facial expressions translated to video games

Although there have been some neat webcam plugins for logitech, nothing on this level of tracking.  Basically with a kinect camera, it would seem that with the right software it can track your facial expressions in real-time.

It even talks about how this could one day be used for world of warcraft or second life.  I can only imagine how cool it would be if your second life avatar could mimic your facial expressions, especially having one of the opposite gender.  I find it especially interesting that in his demo, he does briefly use a female avatar

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

transgender switch - so far away

I decided to search for this topic again (the famed Dmrt1gene that keeps males... men).  Here's another clear article:

"This discovery is a breakthrough for genetic researchers and may have implications for transgender and intersex individuals.
This work shows that sex determination in mammals can be surprisingly prone to change and must be actively maintained throughout an organism's lifetime,"

However, not only is this still early research on rats, gene therapy in general is not without it's drawbacks, as discussed on the wikipedia page:

  • Short-lived nature of gene therapy – Before gene therapy can become a permanent cure for any condition, the therapeutic DNA introduced into target cells must remain functional and the cells containing the therapeutic DNA must be long-lived and stable. Problems with integrating therapeutic DNA into the genome and the rapidly dividing nature of many cells prevent gene therapy from achieving any long-term benefits. Patients will have to undergo multiple rounds of gene therapy.
  • Immune response – Anytime a foreign object is introduced into human tissues, the immune system has evolved to attack the invader. The risk of stimulating the immune system in a way that reduces gene therapy effectiveness is always a possibility. Furthermore, the immune system's enhanced response to invaders that it has seen before makes it difficult for gene therapy to be repeated in patients.
  • Problems with viral vectors – Viruses, the carrier of choice in most gene therapy studies, present a variety of potential problems to the patient: toxicity, immune and inflammatory responses, and gene control and targeting issues. In addition, there is always the fear that the viral vector, once inside the patient, may recover its ability to cause disease.
  • Multigene disorders – Conditions or disorders that arise from mutations in a single gene are the best candidates for gene therapy. Unfortunately, some of the most commonly occurring disorders, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, and diabetes, are caused by the combined effects of variations in many genes. Multigene or multifactorial disorders such as these would be especially difficult to treat effectively using gene therapy.
  • Chance of inducing a tumor (insertional mutagenesis) - If the DNA is integrated in the wrong place in the genome, for example in a tumor suppressor gene, it could induce a tumor. This has occurred in clinical trials for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (X-SCID) patients, in which hematopoietic stem cells were transduced with a corrective transgene using a retrovirus, and this led to the development of T cell leukemia in 3 of 20 patients.[52] One possible solution for this is to add a functional tumor suppressor gene onto the DNA to be integrated; however, this poses its own problems, since the longer the DNA is, the harder it is to integrate it efficiently into cell genomes.
In other words, unless your issue is life threatening (like cancer, or possibly parkinsons), you can probably forget about a sex change pill in your near future

Key & peele

Not sure how many of you watch this on comedy central.  These are the two guys from MadTv, and they have their own sketch comedy show now.  Two of the re-occurring characters they play are meegan and Kimmy.  Jordan Peele makes a pretty passable woman, both in looks and mannerisms (and valley girl voice).  Enjoy

new CFX mask

Since it's been 5 years, and SPFX masks STILL haven't released a young female mask, I'm always on the hunt for one.  I showed you this a while back:

They have yet another one:

What I especially like is that in the video, not only do they show you the before person's face, it's also a boy putting on the female mask (which is one concern I always had with these, how well is the mask going to follow along a male face).

Well, I certainly can't tell the difference, and although it's still going to look like a mask, it sure looks better than anything I've ever seen.  Plus you would think a female mask would almost be easier to get away with.  I mean women wear makeup, many already look un-natural, so maybe a mask wouldn't be a big deal (at least from 10 feet away anyway).

I honestly think it looks pretty damned good for $650 (hair not included)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

once upon a time...

Hopefully there's some fans of the show

amazing gender bender photoshop blog

I'm pretty good.. but these are so lifelike it's scary, enjoy:

Here's a quickie I did.. Model + justin timberlake = Justine rikki lake

Monday, November 5, 2012

airbrush foundation

So I watched this video on genderfun's website this morning:

The part that intrigued me the most (besides seeing a boy transformed into a drag queen) was the airbrush foundation.
A. I had never heard of such a product (probably used by drag queens for years, probably used by professional makeup artists for even longer)
B. Holy crap that does an amazing job of evenly filling in a face to make it smooth and unshiny

Then I looked up pricing on that shit, $50 a can!  Then I thought "hmm.. that stuff can't be THAT magical, I bet it's foundation mixed with some type of liquid, toss in some aerosol, rape your customers.  I bet I could make my own stuff up, pop it into an airbrush (hobby ones can be bought for $20 and would last much longer)."  Well, turns out I'm right.  There's multiple videos on youtube on how to do exactly that.  There's one with a girl I watched, but it didn't look so promising (her face ended up looking greasy, like she just dunked her head in baby oil).  Then I found a video by a guy that performs on stage, and his results are not only more convincing, it's much more dramatic when he uses it to cover a birth mark on his leg:

I totally want to try this out, I think I would get back into crossdressing if I could make my face look decent.