Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving everyone!

great shift during a 4-way

"holy shit! why am I staring at my own body?"
"I am too, what the hell just happened?!!"

true blood

I don't watch the show, but through some random google image searching I came across these two actors (alexander skarsgard and evan rachel wood). They seem to share some similiar facial features, and with a little photoshopping, it becomes even more pronounched

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA - new policy for transgendered

Saw this posted as recent news, found it interesting and figured I'd share. Apparently, according to new TSA rules, if you are transgendered and opt out of the body scan (as most would likely want to in order to avoid embarrassment when your organs are exposed)

You have the option to be frisked by a TSA employee that matches the gender you present. Yes that's right, if you are simply a crossdresser, pre-op transexual, you can have a woman pat you down (which obviously draws less attention to you than if a man were to do so).

Looks like finally transgendered citizens get fair treatment. Read more here:

Monday, November 22, 2010

thumbs up!

"Holy shit! I never thought praying to god would actually work but.. nice job on the body God! Love the tits!" said dave as he looked at himself in the mirror, and took a photo for his facebook page

magic ring makes me giggly

"Hey!!! You guys, stop using that magic ring to change me into a chick, this.. haha, isn't funny! Seriously! hee hee!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

reflecting on an earlier post

I was thinking about the news story I posted here:

It occured to me, not only do people like me thrive on the idea of a "temporary fantasy", where we become the female to fullfill temporary desires rather than change our entire lifestyle, but this "fantasy" revolves around awkwardness. The very same awkwardness that every transitioning transgender person has to deal with on a regular basis, is what makes our fantasy interesting. Think about it, what do most stories involve on fictionmania? Guy suddenly becomes girl, doesn't know how to deal with being girl "OMG, how do I pee? how do I put on makeup? What if my family sees me like this? How will I earn money? How will I prove my identity? etc etc".

It almost relates to other fantasies, like the "rape" fantasy. A guy or girl might fantasize about this scenario, perhaps even act it out, but in a controlled way. But if you were to ask them if they would actually like to be raped, I bet most would say "of course not!"

Of course, perhaps this is why it works as a fantasy. Because that's all it can be. It's not like we have magical pills, or some machine that can spontaneously turn us into women. It's not unlike furries who imagine becoming an animal. It's not like any of them could ever hope to be a real animal, and even if they could I doubt any of them would. Imagine going to work on monday "Hey bill, what's with the wagging tail?" "Oh nothing, just a little surgery to give myself a real tail"

"Real funny Steve, turning me into a girl in a cocktail dress. Now just wave that wand again and turn me back because I'm still not going to be your date!"

"Holy shit! who would have thought a breeze could make nipples so dam hard! My dick never even used to get this hard!"

The GREAT shift

"Hey there Ron, looks like you got the sweet end of the deal during this global crisis"
"I see you it panned out equally as good for you bob, mind if I take a peep at your chest?"

don't judge me boys

"you'd be doing the EXACT same thing if you suddenly had a rack like this attached to your chest!"

richard branson to dress as stewardess

apparently he lost a bet, and his end of the deal is to dress in one of his own stewardess uniforms on his Virgin airlines

Apparently he's done this before

Thursday, November 11, 2010

before after

Another google image search, and I came across this one. It's really hard to believe this is the same person before and after, but really if you look at the facial features, they all match (cept the lips look slightly different). It's breathtaking to see a very bland looking girl turn into something so gorgeous, makes you wonder how many transgender could look really good if they just had the proper makeup

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

drugged at the salon

"What on EARTH did they put in my coffee? My nails are painted, I'm wearing makeup, and my hair is getting permed, yet I don't seem to mind a bit?"

transgender, change to woman then back?

This is a great article everyone should read. Talks about many transgendered people who have transitioned, then regretted it. Even talks about one rich guy who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a woman, then hundreds of thousands of dollars and many surgeries to change back. It only confirms even more how I feel, which is that my female side lives dormant most of the time, but occassionally likes to come out and dress. I couldn't imagine living full time as a woman for many of the reasons they mention in the article (including being banned from friends, family, work.. feeling alone because you've lived your entire life as a man and have no idea how to be a woman).

Monday, November 8, 2010

japanese coast guard

I thought this was interesting. The japanese coast guard dressed up as school girls, and did a dance (on a very rocky boat):

More interesting is the positive feedback on the gadget blog I found it on: