Friday, January 29, 2010

forced femminization while frozen part 3

So there's this movie (which most have seen, but some have not). It's called "what lies beneath", and I don't really remember the plotline other than some teacher cheats on his wife with one of his students, and he decides to kill his wife while making it look like a suicide by giving her muscle relaxers, and setting her in a running tub so she drowns.

I had always thought how weird, yet cool it would be to be paralyzed like this (temporary of course), and have shit done to me.. sort of like being tied up, but without any escape (and freedom to move your body by someone else). Of course the idea of being unable to move and being forced feminized came to mind. I've actually looked it up, and there are many drugs that can cause this to happen, but then as soon as I read "must be taken in the right dosage, otherwise you could relax the diaphragm (thing that allows you to breathe), in which case you'd stop breathing and die since the drug doesn't wear off for at least an hour. Of course I've also seen hypnotism where a subject is frozen in place unable to move as well

A. I've never been able to be hypnotized
B. hypnotism works on the premise that it's only taking your inhibitions away, and your subconsciously allowing yourself to do things, but that can be broken if you start to disagree with these actions.

I like the idea of no return, giving control up and being dominated because you simply can't move your body.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

forced femminization while frozen part 2

So there's this Disney movie called "clockstoppers" that came out in 2002:

The premise is that this kid gets hold of a watch that his dad (who's some scientist) invented that stops time. Well, in reality, it slows time down so much around you that it appears to stop time, and you end up looking like a blur, or even invisible because your moving so fast in comparison to everyone else. When I first saw it, immediately I imagined the possibilities. Rob a bank without getting caught (very much like the movie JUMPER). They show the kids using it to get revenge on the parking meter lady by placing a dog that's peeing on a tree inside her vehicle. Of course what runs through my mind, but to use it to embarrass people. More specifically, to crossdress people in the blink of an eye.

Imagine some dude walking down the street, and one second he's wearing a wife beater, then next second he's dressed to the hilt in an evening gown, makeup, jewelry, heels. And of course at that moment he's freaking out because his whole body is thrown off.

Then I thought.. How many of us are too busy for crossdressing, and we just don't have the time to spend all that time getting ready. It's one thing to pay $100/hour for some transgendered boutique to give you a makeover, but imagine if you could be transformed within seconds? Oh the magic of movies.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

forced femminization while frozen part 1

I've always had this thing for being forced into being female. Of course when you enjoy it, it's not much of a "forced", so fantasies drift into transforming other males into being a girl, especially those that truly are forced who don't enjoy it. The first thing that comes to mind is "tie him up, hold him down, perhaps drug him to pass out". Those are all cliche' typical storyline approaches. One alternate that I've thought about as long as I can remember is hypnosis. Taking someone's inhibitions away, perhaps taking away their realization that your even transforming them. While in hypnosis, many simply have no control (within reason). You can have them sleep, and they won't awaken until told to do so.

You can freeze them in place, even force them to have an orgasm:

Even better yet, hypnotize them into believing they're actually a woman, and have them dress themselves

Or perhaps even have them put on their own makeup

Monday, January 25, 2010

adrogynous youth

transgendered media, as a kid, doesn't always come at you in the form of drag queens shouting "let's do the time warp again". Something struck me today I never thought about. A lot of the music I listened to as a kid had androgynousness to it. Probably the earliest example I can think of is danke schoen by wayne newton.

Now granted it was recorded when he was a kid (which, a lot of boys have high voices like a girl, just look at the girl that does voicework for bart simpson:

Then I remember listening to the pointer sisters song - automatic.

I loved this song as a kid, I could remember eating pizza at the local joint, and tossing quarters into the jukebox to hear it. The thing about this song, as a kid, I thought they had brought in a guy to do the main voice. Clearly this couldn't be a woman, the voice was just too deep. If you look at the wiki page:

They say "The song, which features Ruth Pointer's deep lead vocals".

Then there's the movie Caddyshack. I remember loving all the songs in this soundtrack, many by Kenny Loggins. Again, as a kid, there is no internet, no way of knowing who's actually in a band. One song in particular from the movie (which is played particularly in one scene when Danny is making love to his girlfriend) is the song "make the move".

Now if you listen to it, you might think "I hear kenny, but surely there's a female doing some of that background vocal. It's so heavenly, like an angel singing. Nope, one of his male backup singers just has a nice high voice.

What is the point of all this? Gender bending comes in all shapes and sizes, and none of it is to blame for how we turn out. Ignorance is not bliss, having a plethora of media to let you know "hey, your normal" gives us bliss.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the "oh" face

Every porn seems to have a great "oh" face, which of course is perfect for filling in your own words for a little body swap caption.. Let's try some

"Hey! I haven't cum yet, why did you switch us already?!", he said.
"Because it's my turn to have a male orgasm, now shut up before I stick this huge cock in your ass!" she said.

"Hey! I'm supposed to taking the nurse's temperature, not you!", he said.
"Your cock feels so good, I wanted to feel it from this side"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

better makeup

So I don't dress up as often as I'd like. I sort of would like to spend more time doing it because I feel like my makeup skills lack (even though I don't do too badly). I came across this article today, and I was blown away by the softness of the faces. Now I know a beautiful face as a pallet to start with doesn't hurt, but I truly believe makeup can works wonders. Apparently (and shouldn't surprise me), when you use high quality makeup, you get a celebrity looking face (almost photoshopped looking). I'm talking (because I looked it up), $20 for an ounce of foundation. Granted you don't use that much, that seems high. I might actually try some of it out, because although walgreens makeup isn't bad, it'd be interesting what could be done with some really good stuff (particularly the under-eye concealer)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food transition finale

I was saving these, time to post them. This is akin to alice in wonderland with the whole "eat me, drink me", cept this food changes your gender.

"Mmm.. this is the best pizza ever! it has a strange taste though.. uh-oh!"

"Crap, that pizza made me a woman. Oh well, doesn't change my food preference, I still love my za!"

"Hmm.. that shish-ka-bob looks quite phallic. Perhaps I shouldn't eat this. Oh who am I kidding, I can't resist slow cooked meat and peppers! MMmm.. this is so good, I.. woah, what's happening to me?"

Even weeks later, he was still eating sish-ka-boob, even though every time he ate it, it made him just a little more feminine. Oh when will men learn?

"Surely one chocolate truffle won't kill my diet. Here goes, over the lips and through the gums, look out stomach here it comes! Woah, I feel funny, what's happening to me?'

"Holy crap, I just can't stop eating these delicious treats! Everytime I eat one I swear my IQ drops a few notches and my boobs get just a little bigger!"

"Mmm, nothing like the smell of a freshly picked apple off the tree. Wonder why that forest was surrounded by a fence, not like they had to worry about thieves. Oh well, crunch! Hey, what's happening to my body?"

Several weeks later, he was still eating those green apples, even though with every bite it made him even more womanly. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the gynecologist away.

expanding boobs

"Ok, I was fine with you turning me into a woman. I was even fine with you making me a brunette, but you gotta stop making my boobs bigger, they're popping out of my bra!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

future of shopping?

This may be rendered, but I can definitely see this being reality in 5-10 years:

Friday, January 8, 2010

lesbians have more fun

Ever since mike found that medallion, he's been obsessed with using it to fondle himself... Word got out, his friends wanted to try it too. Now all his friends come over to transform and fondle each other.

car club

The car club didn't have hardly any women in it, other than the guy's girlfriends. There wasn't really any girls that knew how to work on their ride. Ever since John found that magical ring and turned into a buxom blonde, he was the most popular club member. The guys in the club just couldn't stop touching his breasts.

magic necklace

He was regretting putting on the mysterious necklace. He was warned it had magical powers, it surely did because he was now a woman. He grasped one of his breasts in amazement, how would he explain this to his wife?

magic ring

OMG, take that ring off, you can't control yourself. It was one thing turning me into a woman, but you won't stop thinking about big boobs, and it keeps making mine bigger!

no top

They slipped the femme ring over his finger while he was passed out on the street. Unfortunately because he was the type of douchebag that never wore a shirt, there was no material to form a blouse, so when he woke up he ran away screaming having exposed breasts to the world.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

boob grab

Found another great search query "boob grab". It's amazing how many people do a boob grab while taking a photo, makes for some good dialogue.. Gonna be posting a few of these..

"Hey guys, check this out! I grabbed Dave by the chest, and he turned into a chick!"

"What's going on here?"

Hey fellas look! It worked again, I just changed Mike into a hot girl too!

"Hey! What the fuck just happened? why am I a girl?!"

"OMG honey, are those real?! I was fine with you crossdressing, but I think your taking this too far!"
"Your just jealous because I have a bigger chest than you now"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"Mind if I squeeze them?"
"Hee hee! No not at all, aren't they so big and bouncy? This girl pill is kind of fun, I feel all girly and sexy!"


"Crap! Where did I put those pills, If I don't take one soon I'll... Oops, too late, I changed back into a girl again"

swap during sex

"Oh yeah, take it! take my big black cock!"
-Just then, some force of nature swapped their bodies-

"Uhhh, woah.. hey, what happened? Wha.. Who's poking me? What am I doing on the receiving end? OMG, this feels so weird, what happened to me?!"

fair trade?

"What do I have to do for this car? I have to give up my manhood.. Ummm, let me think. Ok, I'll do it!"

POOF! he was turned into a woman

Better late than never?

John had prayed he could become a woman when he was in his late teens. Those feelings eventually faded, and he had nearly forgotten even thinking about it. When he turned 40, he got his wish by surprise.

"OMG! Your turning me into a woman, NOW??!!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Found a use for these

"Dude! check it out, I can hold my beer in my breasts!" said the frat guy who was changed into a girl.

See what a little magic can do

wow, I never thought that spellbook would work, but clearly it does, those are real alright.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

That's right honey, suck that cock and I'll change you back into a guy

Brothers need to behave

Yeah, take a good look billy. You keep misbehaving, I'll turn you into a sister too.