Saturday, February 28, 2015

eddie redmayne - danish girl

Just came across this piece of news today.  I don't know the actor or the transgender pioneer he's playing, but it's another transgender story played by a man.  I'm actually pretty impressed by the transformation and I'm not sure why?  Perhaps it's because he's so passable.  So many roles, they try to over feminize the character and they end up looking sleazy.  He really looks like a subtle woman from the 1920's.

google reversed decision to restrict "pornographic" content on blogger

I'm not sure what really made them change their mind, but it seems our sites are safe.  Perhaps they realized all the traffic they'd lose?  Perhaps they realized that blogs weren't just link farms to porn, but are really creative outlets (Has a google exec ever looked into what transgender fiction is?)  Anyway, as little as I blog, I do like the outlet and would be slightly devestated if I had to find a new place to post.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Oculus rift + leap motion = nail salon

Somehow stumbled upon this video.  Some guy in japan has taken oculus rift (VR headset) and leap motion (usb bar that tracks hand movements) and created a demo where you can not only change the color of your long nails, but change skin color and background environment.  Sort of a limited demo, but it certainly shows the capabilities that technology is bringing us.  Won't be long until you're staring into a virtual mirror and seeing yourself as any woman you want.