Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Inside You

So I stumbled on this movie called "inside you" from 2017.. It's about a couple that switch bodies through some sort of sex toy they find at a shop.  You can stream it for free with limited commercials here: https://tubitv.com/movies/462409/inside_you?utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed

So a few takeaways *spoiler alert, duh!*
1. Acting was halfway decent.. when they switch bodies, the guy becomes slightly more effeminate, the girl becomes only slightly more dudish.
2. They both want to explore their bodies.. the guy becoming his girlfriend takes a bit longer
3. Both of them do very sterotypical things that hollywood would like you to think each gender would want to do.. IE the girl who becomes the boyfriend really wants to write things with his pee, she really wants to experience a blowjob (multiple times).  The guy who becomes the girlfriend has a tough time dressing and putting on makeup (I suppose that could be true).  At one point, they have sex with each other which I've never seen any TG-film really address.  At first I was like "Ehh, really?  if you swapped bodies with someone, could you really have sex with yourself?"  But the more I thought about it the next day, maybe it wouldn't be as hard as you think.  First off, you'd be in a different body, and the hormones would change your perspective.  Also I think if you saw your body from outside, you'd have a different view of yourself than when you look into a mirror.  Seeing yourself in 3d would look different than a flat mirror, and you'd have a different viewpoint

One last stereotypical thing they showed, the guy in the girlfriend's body goes to a bar, and of course gets flirted with right away.  Women don't automatically get picked up on, though I will admit some guys can be very persistent.  Right now I have one guy that messaged me on KIK linked from my fetlife account (that I gave up on the conversation because it wasn't going anywhere) has literally messaged me "hi" twice a day, nearly everyday for about the past 2 weeks.  When I finally opened up the app (as apposed to just reading the notice dragged down from the top), he suddenly starts messaging me new things like "are you horny?".  So about that... One, if I haven't responded to your 24 messages of hi, what makes you think I'll suddenly change my mind?  Like that's borderline stalker behavior.  And two, the fact that you pay that close attention to when I've actually read your messages makes it even creepier that you monitor conversations that closely on Kik.