Monday, June 21, 2010

The 6th day movie

Time for another movie caption. If you haven't seen this movie (which came out 10 years ago), then commence the spoiler alert. I myself haven't seen this until very recently. It was just one of those movies where I went "I need to see that", and then it gets forgotten about, and then something tips you off to finally put it in your netflix queue.

Anyway, essentially the movie is about human cloning, which is still not legal yet. One corporation decides to experiment with cloning, legal or not, because they believe it should be legal, and it's our key to unlimited life. So this CEO guy takes a trip to a ski mountain, but first he makes sure his pilot's DNA and brain image is stored first by pretending to give a drug test. One thing leads to another, and suddenly there's 2 copies of arnold schwarznegger, who of course freaks out when he see's himself inside his home. In order to cover up this goof, these assassins of course want to kill him off because if anyone found out someone was cloning humans, they would get shut down immediately. Of course he doesn't go so quietly, and the assassins die a few times, brought back to life by cloning.

Now my own observation: Cloning means a copy. It is not moving your soul over, though it might appear that way since the clone has your same memories. It is in fact a copy, but if your old body dies, in a way it might appear as moving into a new body. It's much like when you move files on your computer, your not really moving them, your actually making a copy first, then deleting the old file. It just saves a step by telling it "move". There's a moment in the movie towards the end when the CEO copies his DNA/brain, and transports it into a new body before he dies (because he's the only one alive), and you actually see the new body wake up, and start taking the clothes off his old body, which is near death from a laser gun hole in his body. The old body even says "aren't you even going to wait until I'm dead first?"

Now even though you can't move a soul by cloning, that's not to say you couldn't have some fun fucking with the clone by transferring your male brain memory storage into a female body clone, right?

Just press your finger here so we can get a blood sample, and then put your eyes at the top here for a vision test.

Like this?
Yes, that's right! Done

Dammit, these assassins keep dying, especially wiley. He's died like 3 times in the last 2 hours. His female partner hasn't died once yet and.. say, are you thinking what I'm thinking? We put wiley in her DNA clone body, he wakes up in HER body! I can't wait to see his reaction, hee hee!

We got his syncord data all loaded up

And her DNA mapped to the clone host body

The female host body is ready, time to transfer his syncord data into it


"Woah.. wha.. what the fuck am I doing talia's body? Can't you scientists get anything right?!"
"We transferred you into a female body on purpose. You don't seem to be very good at killing in a man's body, so we thought what could it hurt to put you in her body. After all, she certainly has a better track record than you do"

"Yea but this is soooo fucked up. I mean, this body feels so wrong, and these long nails and hair, and these arched eyebrows. I'm not so sure I feel like killing anymore"

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